Statue of Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry

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Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry
Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry marble by Dante Sodini.jpg
The statue
ArtistDante Sodini
MediumMarble sculpture
SubjectJabez Lamar Monroe Curry
LocationHomewood, Alabama, United States

Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry is a marble sculpture depicting the American politician and diplomat of the same name by Dante Sodini. The statue was gifted to the National Statuary Hall Collection from the state of Alabama in 1908, but was replaced by one depicting Helen Keller in 2009,[1] and relocated to Samford University, where he had served as president from 1865-1868.[2] In 2018, Samford returned the statue to the Alabama Department of Archives and History.[3]

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