Stay a Little Longer

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"Stay a Little Longer"
Single by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
Format10-inch 78 rpm record
GenreWestern swing
Songwriter(s)Bob Wills, Tommy Duncan

"Stay a Little Longer" is a Western swing dance tune written by Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan. The title comes from a refrain in the chorus:

Stay all night, stay a little longer,
Dance all night, dance a little longer,
Pull off your coat, throw it in the corner,
Don't see why you can't stay a little longer.

The song consists of a number of unrelated verses, one of which (verse three) comes from an old folk song – "Shinbone Alley":

You ought to see my Blue Eyed Sally,
She lives way down on Shinbone Alley.
Number on the gate, the number on the door,
The next house over is the grocery store.[1]

Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys recorded it in 1945 and it reached number three in 1946.[2] Willie Nelson (number 22 in 1973) and Mel Tillis (number 17 in 1982) also charted Top 40 hits. The song has been recorded numerous times.


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