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Stephen Watson Fullom (1818 – 1872) was a journalist, author of several books, and a publisher's reader.


Several of Fullom's books were reviewed in the Athenaeum.[1] His book The marvels of science, and their testimony to Holy Writ, first published by Longman in 1852, was a best-seller[2] of its day and by 1856 had run through 10 editions. He was a publisher's reader for the firm of Henry Colburn and recommended Margaret Oliphant's first novel (Margaret Maitland) for publication.[3]


On 31 August 1847 he married Caroline Elizabeth Wickham.


  • The daughter of night: a story of the present time. 1851.
  • The marvels of science, and their testimony to Holy Writ. London: Longman. 1852. 6th edition. 1853.
  • Great highway: a story of the world's struggles. By S. W. Fullom ... With illustrations on steel by John Leech. 1854.
  • History of woman, and her connexion with religion, civilization, & domestic manners, from the earliest period. 1855.
  • The Exile's Daughter. 1860.
  • Life of General Sir Howard Douglas, bart., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., F.R.S., D.C.L., from his notes, conversations, and correspondence. 1863.[4]
  • History of William Shakespeare, player and poet: with new facts and traditions. 1864.
  • Rome Under Pius IX. 1864.
  • The Last Days of Jerusalem. 1871.


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