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Omar Naber-Stop.jpg
Single by Omar Naber
from the album Omar
GenreProgressive metal
LabelNika Records
Omar Naber singles chronology
"Vse, kar si želiš"
"Omar, ti teslo"
Eurovision Song Contest 2005 entry
Omar Naber,
Urša Vlašič
Finals performance
Semi-final result
Semi-final points
Entry chronology
◄ "Stay Forever" (2004)   
"Mr Nobody" (2006) ►

"Stop" was the Slovene entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, sung by Omar Naber and performed in Slovenian, despite its English title and the fact that there are two different English lyrics.

There are two different orchestrations of the song, which were recorded, the version used at the Eurovision was the later version. Both orchestrations were used for both Slovenian and English versions, however the English lyrics were changed for the newer orchestration. That's why there are two sets of English but only one Slovenian set.

A year later, the song was rerecorded, some sources say it was in Croatian, others say it is Serbian. Due to the similarities in both languages, it is difficult for non-speakers of the languages to be certain. Only the later Eurovision orchestration was used for this version.

On the night of the semi-final, the song performed twenty-third, following Ireland's Donna and Joseph McCaul with "Love?" and preceding Denmark's Jakob Sveistrup and "Talking to You". At the close of voting, it had received 69 points, placing twelfth in a field of twenty five, failing to reach the final, and relegating Slovenia to the semi-final in the next contest for another year.

It was succeeded as Slovene representative at the 2006 contest by Anžej Dežan with "Mr Nobody".

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