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Students for Britain
Formation24 April 2014[1]
PurposeUnited Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union
AffiliationsVote Leave
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Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union

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Students for Britain was a campaign group, affiliated with the Vote Leave campaign, which argued that Britain would be better off outside the EU.[2] The organisation stressed the cost of the EU, barriers to trade with the rest of the world and how undemocratic and remote the EU is in their view.[3][4][5] The campaign has been described by Sunday Times Political Editor Tim Shipman as Vote Leave's 'militant wing'.[6]

The campaign claimed to be active in "over 50 universities",[7] and were involved in a protest during the CBI's 2015 conference, whereby two members of the organisation heckled the Prime Minister, holding a sign that read "CBI = voice of Brussels".[8] The students gained access to the conference by creating a fake company.[9]

The campaign rivalled Students for Europe,[10] which argues for a 'remain' vote and is a component of the European Movement.[11]

The campaign closed down after the June 2016 vote.

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