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Supermercados Selectos is a Puerto Rican supermarket company.[1] It is one of a number of well-known Puerto Rican supermarkets chains, along with Pueblo Supermarkets, Amigo Supermarkets and others.

The company is not related to Supermercados Super Selectos[2] of El Salvador.


The first four Supermercados Selectos stores opened in 1978, after Carlos Torres, a Puerto Rican businessman, took the initiative of organizing a number of small mom-and-pop ("colmado") stores group into one integrated company, in order to compete against larger supermarkets.[3] Another one of the chain's first owners is Ignacio Veloz Camejo, honorary president of Centro Unido de Detallistas de Puerto Rico since 1991.[4]

By 2010, the chain operated a total of 32 stores.[5] By 2014, the chain had reached 37 operating stores.[6]

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