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The Monegasque Supreme Court is one of the highest courts of law in the city-state of Monaco for judicial appeals as well as ensuring the constitution of Monaco is upheld. It consists of five chief members and two assistant judges, appointed by the Prince of Monaco at the recommendation of the National Council of Monaco and other government bodies. The Supreme Court was established in 1962 following the new constitution to guarantee fundamental liberties.[1]

The members of the Supreme Court must be at least forty years old. In practice, they are French jurists, either professors of public law or members of the French Court of Cassation or Council of State.

Current members[edit]

  • Hubert Charles, professor at Nice Sophia-Antipolis University, president
  • Jean-Michel Lemoyne de Forges, professor at Panthéon-Assas University, vice-president
  • José Savoye, professor at Lille-II
  • Didier Linotte
  • Martine Luc-Thaler
  • Frédéric Rouvillois, professor at Paris-Descartes University
  • Magali Ingall-Montagnier


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