Sustainability Network

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Sustainability Network
Rede Sustentabilidade
Spokesperson Marina Silva
Zé Gustavo
Founded 16 February 2013 (2013-02-16)
Split from PT
Headquarters Brasília
Ideology Social democracy
Third Way
Political position Centre-left
TSE identification number 18
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
4 / 513
Seats in the Senate
1 / 81

The Sustainability Network (Portuguese: Rede Sustentabilidade) is a Brazilian political party[1] founded in 2013 by Marina Silva, a former presidential candidate.[2]

The party formed a strategic alliance with the Brazilian Socialist Party for the 2014 Brazilian general election, until its registration as an independent political party was approved in 2015.[3]

The Sustainability Network has 19,090 members as of January 2017.[4]

For the Brazilian general election of 2018 REDE has formed with the Green Party the coalition United to transform Brazil, in support of Marina Silva.


Preceded by
17 - SLP (PSL)
Numbers of Brazilian Official Political Parties
Succeeded by
19 - PODE