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TOET (methylthio-ethyl-methoxyamphetamines) is a pair of lesser-known psychedelic drugs and substituted amphetamines. 2-TOET and 5-TOET are the 2- and 5-methylthio analogs of DOET, respectively. They were first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin and written up in his book PiHKAL.[1][2] Very little is known about their dangers or toxicity.

TOET compounds[edit]

2-TOET, or 2-methylthio-4-ethyl-5-methoxyphenethylamine
5-TOET, or 5-methylthio-4-ethyl-2-methoxy-phenethylamine


  • Dosage: 65 mg or greater
  • Duration: unknown
  • Effects: few to none


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