Kra–Dai ethnic groups in China

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The following is a list of the Kra–Dai ethnic groups in China:

Tai and Rauz peoples[edit]

Li/Hlai people[edit]

The Li/Hlai reside primarily, if not completely, within the Hainan Province of China.

Kra peoples[edit]

The Kra peoples are clustered in the Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hunan and Hainan provinces of China, as well as the Hà Giang, Cao Bằng, Lào Cai and Sơn La provinces of Vietnam.

Kam–Sui peoples[edit]

Cao Miao people[edit]

The Cao Miao people of Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi Provinces speak a Kam–Sui language called Mjiuniang, although it is believed that the people are of Hmong–Mien descent.

Biao people[edit]

Whether or not the Biao people of China are of Kam–Sui descent is an issue of present debate in the scientific community. They are, however, a Tai people.

Kang people[edit]

The Kang people of Yunnan Province (referred to as Tai Khang in Laos) speak a Kam–Sui language, but ethnically descend from the Dai people.

Biao people[edit]

The Biao people are clustered in the Guangdong Province of China.[1]

Lakkia people[edit]

The Lakkia are an ethnic group clustered in the Guangxi Province of China and neighboring portions of Vietnam, whose members are of Yao descent, but speak a Tai–Kadai language called Lakkia.[2] These Yao were likely in an area dominated by Tai speakers and assimilated an early Tai–Kadai language (possibly the language of the ancestors of the Biao people).

Lingao people[edit]

The Lingao people are an ethnic group clustered in the Hainan Province of China whose members are classified as Han under China's nationality policy, but speak a Tai–Kadai language called Lincheng.[3]