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Taiwanese wine is grape wine made in the country of Taiwan.


Independent winemaking was illegal in Taiwan for a long time due to the monopoly granted to the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation.[1] Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation produced just one wine, a rosé. With liberalization following the end of military rule independent winemakers became legal in 2002 and in 2014 a Taiwanese wine won its first gold medal at an international competition. The primary grapes cultivated for winemaking in Taiwan are Black Queen and Golden Muscat which were both introduced to the country in the 1950s.[2] The relative rarity and high quality of Taiwanese wines makes them particularly prized by Hong Kong collectors.[1]


Although it was once largely lost Taiwan's indigenous winemaking culture is staging a comeback.[3] Two of the most acclaimed wineries are Domaine Shu Sheng and Weightstone Vineyard Estate & Winery.[4]


Grape harvest in Taiwan is dictated by the typhoon season which means growers are sometimes forced to pick less than ripe fruit.[4]

Awards and recognitions[edit]

A red wine from Taichung was awarded a gold medal at the 25th Vinalies Internationales in France.[5] In 2020 Taiwanese wines won two gold medals at the 26th Vinalies Internationales Competition.[6]

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