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Attempts to abolish the BBC SSO[edit]

I've never contributed to Wikipedia before, so apologies if I'm doing this wrong.

There are some events in the history of this fine orchestra that I think should be included. For example, the BBC tried to abolish the orchestra in 1960, 1970 and 1980.

I remember the 1980 attempt. The orchestra organised several benefit concerts to publicise its cause. At one of these, I think it was in the City Hall, Glasgow, the BBC banned the orchestra from appearing. The leader of the orchestra came out to explain their predicament and to apologise that the BBC SSO could not appear that evening. Fortunately, at the last moment he had arranged for 70 professional musicians, all of whom just happened to be members of the BBC SSO, to appear in their place.

The orchestra took up residency at Stirling University for several years under the baton of (then just plain Mr.) Simon Rattle. I remember regular weekly concerts in the University's MacRoberts Arts Centre.

Unfortunately I have no references for this, only my own faint memory.