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Portugal - Seriously?[edit]

Concerning Portugal: Whoever did this paper should check their sources for information on Portugal. Since they used a small study concerning 20 individuals in a college class room to define the general height of all male and female individuals in Portugal.


Occupational success?[edit]

Would the "Occupational Success" section not better fit under the article on height discrimination? This section lacks a biological argument and is a cultural issue. As stated in the section, "There are only a few occupations that need taller people." This statement is indicative of a perceived cultural preference, it is not relevant to human height in general.

Average Height Of Nigerian Men[edit]

I found it odd that Nigerian men were measured at 5'4 especially considering that neighboring countries such as Cameroon and Niger recorded average heights considerably taller. I checked the source, and true to my suspicions, the data was compiled via a research paper on diabetes/high-blood pressure in small sample men from one town (Ibadan). This data is also quite old. How does the average height of a (very!) small sample of possibly ill older men, which is also outdated, translate to the whole population of Nigerian men?

I'd rather the reported height be removed and Nigeria not be listed at all, that is if no reliable sources are available.

please add section on height in prehistorical times, geological time, and early history[edit]

What is the "true" average in Germany[edit]

Hi. There are two different datas for the same study One deals with regions and the other only include cities. Does the first one exclude the cities?I don't get why you have such a difference between both.