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Section "Causes of ice ages" needs a touch-up[edit]

The first paragraph of the section "Causes of ice ages" has a long sentence with a missing comma which would be easier to read if broken up and/or given dot points or some sort of numbering. I suggest something like this: "The consensus is that several factors are important: (a) atmospheric composition, such as the concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane (the specific levels of the previously mentioned gases are now able to be seen with the new ice core samples from EPICA Dome C in Antarctica over the past 800,000 years), (b) changes in the earth's orbit around the Sun known as Milankovitch cycles, (c) the motion of tectonic plates resulting in changes in the relative location and amount of continental and oceanic crust on the earth's surface, which affect wind and ocean currents, variations in solar output, (d) the orbital dynamics of the Earth–Moon system, and (e) the impact of relatively large meteorites and volcanism including eruptions of supervolcanoes." ClarkoEye (talk) 06:23, 12 June 2018 (UTC)

A better image[edit]

I would like to see a better image of the earth. It is obviously an 'artifact', which is unfortunate in a factual article, even if acknowledged as an artist's work. The boundary between day and night should be a true ellipse, but it isn't. This is obvious to anyone who works with 3D CAD systems and geometric images generally. It is safer to use a true photograph of a globe with the axis tilted correctly and the light placed correctly as if it were the sun, or to generate the image in 3D using a proper 3D CAD system. ClarkoEye (talk) 07:54, 13 June 2018 (UTC)

Semi-protected edit request on 2 February 2019[edit]

Grammar error in the introduction: "..., with both climatic pulses are being part of..." Schlechter Verlierer (talk) 10:28, 2 February 2019 (UTC)

 DoneJonesey95 (talk) 10:39, 2 February 2019 (UTC)

Global warming[edit]

As a layman, there are several points I don't understand. If we are living in an ice age right now due to the definition of pole glaciation and we don't really understand how ice ages happen, why are the temperature rises and melting such a problem? Isn't it supposed to happen anyway? I understand human-induced changes are considered bad, but the Earth will leave the ice age at some point one way or another. While trying to preserve the current state, shouldn't we also focussing on techniques that deal with the inevitable future? There have been eras of Earth where it was considerably warmer than today and other species better adapted to the environment populated the planet. If humans aren't capable of coping with the changes, they won't last till the death of the Sun. Yet we are panicking when we were always supposed to panic. I'm just trying to understand it from an objective point of view. Why hasn't this thought come up in media? -- (talk) 12:20, 24 May 2019 (UTC)

Semi-protected edit request on 6 June 2019[edit]

change The last cold episode the last glacial period ended about 10,000 years ago. to The last cold episode of the last glacial period ended about 10,000 years ago. Rani2015 (talk) 02:41, 6 June 2019 (UTC)

 Done NiciVampireHeart 14:50, 6 June 2019 (UTC)