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Eastern Christianity?[edit]

Why has Sidonius been assigned to be a part of the Eastern Christianity series? Djnjwd 21:32, 31 May 2007 (UTC)

From the Life section.[edit]

In the "Life" section we find these words;

"Sidonius was born in Lugdunum (Lyons). His father Apollinaris (born circa 405) was the Prefect of Gaul under Valentinian III between 425 and 455 and the son of another Apollinaris, who was Praetorian Prefect of Gaul before 409 and a friend of his successor Decimus Rusticus. He seems to be a descendant of another Apollinaris, Prefect of Gaul under Constantine II between 337 and 340." Since some non professional historians, such as my self, consider this man as another possibly misunderstood personality of the past, and possibly related to the "Authurian" theories, then maybe we might well consider his presumed place of birth, which is reported to be (from less than reliable sources) to be "Lyon(s)", now found within the boundaries of France (then called Gaul).

But, it assumed by some respected scholars that "Lyon" is but a variation of "Lion", etc.! — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:57, 26 August 2011 (UTC)

Sorry I made a mistake when I entered the above remarks. Here I wish to clarify and extend them however. I merely wanted to point out a possible connection between the name "Apollinaris", is some what connected to the word "Lyon" in its form as "Lion!"

Thus perhaps this site concerning coins might well elicit some response? (talk) 22:04, 26 August 2011 (UTC)Ronald L. Hughes

I may perhaps not be understanding your point, but the English word "lion" derives from the Latin leo, leontis (Greek leon). Lyon or Lyons derives from Lugdunum, for which see Lugdunum#Name. See Apollinaris for the derivation of the name. Cynwolfe (talk) 22:46, 26 August 2011 (UTC)
Hmm. Actually, the name of Sidonius' father was is not known for certain -- although "Apollinaris" is one common guess. And the only connection I've seen made between Sidonius & Lyons/Lugdunum is that he went to school in that city. I really need to get to this article & add some material from the scholarly secondary sources. -- llywrch (talk) 01:49, 27 August 2011 (UTC)

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Aug 23 in Roman Martyrology[edit]

See here. What is the source for Aug. 22?--Richardson mcphillips (talk) 01:53, 23 August 2017 (UTC)