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Tamayori-hime, also given as 玉依毘売命 and 玉依姫尊 is a goddess in Japanese mythology.

Tamayori-hime is the daughter of the sea-dragon god, Watatsumi (綿津見) and also Toyotama-hime (豊玉姫)'s younger sister. Her name appears in Tenson kōrin (天孫降臨) and Ugayafukiaezu (鵜草葺不合命) section. Her elder sister sent her to raise her son, Ugayafukiaezu, a son of Hoori (火遠理命) upon her abandonment of them. And after, Tamayori-hime married Ugayafukiaezu and Itsuse (五瀬命), Inahi (稲飯命), Mikenu (御毛沼命), Wakamikenu (若御毛沼命; Emperor Jimmu) were born.

Tamayori means Yorishiro, an object to embody Gods. Tamayori-hime is a woman Yorishiro, Miko.

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