Tanzania–United Kingdom relations

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Tanzania – UK relations
Map indicating locations of Tanzania and United Kingdom


United Kingdom
Diplomatic mission
British High Commission, Dar es SalaamHigh Commission of Tanzania, London
High Commissioner Dianna MelroseHigh Commissioner Msafiri Marwa

Tanzania–United Kingdom relations are bilateral relations between Tanzania and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has historically been a partner of Tanzania in many areas, particularly trade and security.


Tanzanian exports to the United Kingdom are dominated by raw materials namely; tea, tobacco and precious stones. The United Kingdom is the largest non-African purchaser of Tanzanian tea.[1] On the other hand, UK exports to Tanzania are mainly dominated by automobiles and electronic appliances.[2]

Trade Statistics[edit]

Trade Value in UK£ Million[3]
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Total Trade 121.5 111.6 139.8 246.3 219.5 212.7 193.8 143.4
Exports from UK to Tanzania 95.7 96.9 118.2 219.6 175.3 170.9 165.2 120.3
Imports to UK from Tanzania 25.8 14.7 21.6 26.7 44.2 41.8 28.6 23.1
HM Revenue and Customs as on 3 April 2016

Foreign Direct Investment[edit]

Being the former colonial power, the United Kingdom is one of Tanzania's oldest trading partners. The United Kingdom is currently the top Foreign direct investor in the country, overtaking South Africa in 2011.[4] Foreign investment in the country is spread out across multiple sectors, such as mining, manufacturing and agriculture. Currently the only listed British firm on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange is Acacia Mining.[5]


The United Kingdom is the top contributor of tourists to Tanzania after Kenya.

British Airways, use to operate direct flights between London and Dar es Salaam. Flights were suspended after 82 years of operations due to lack of profitability for the airline on the route on March 31, 2013.[6][7]


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