The Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular

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The Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular
Universal Studios Hollywood
AreaUpper Lot
Opening date1983 (1983)
Closing date1993 (1993)
ReplacedThe Land of a Thousand Faces (1975 - 1980)
Castle Dracula Live Show (1980 - 1983)
Replaced byBeetlejuice's Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue
General statistics
Attraction typeStunt Show
ThemeConan the Barbarian

The Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular was an attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood that ran from 1983 to 1993. It was a 20-minute live-action stage show, similar to the theme park's other "action spectaculars," that took place in an indoor theater and was loosely based on the film Conan the Barbarian. The show was designed by Gary Goddard.


The stage is decorated to resemble a ruined temple filled with treasure. Conan, a skinny young Cimmerian, descends down a rope onto the stage, hoping to plunder the temple's treasures, including the Dragon's Eye lodged inside a dragon statue, while his ally Red Sonja remains above to pick up treasure. Conan is briefly mesmerized by the Dragon's Eye, which beckons him to remove it from its holding place, until he is interrupted by the eccentric old wizard Kallias. Kallias explains that the Dragon's Eye contains the evil wizard Taras-Mordor, who was sealed away with the combined powers of Kallias and the Sword of Crom, while Conan plunders the treasures and sends them up the rope to Red Sonja behind Kallias' back. The two become friends and Kallias invites Conan to dinner, and after they depart, Red Sonja descends the rope and is herself also mesmerized by the Dragon's Eye. Before Conan and Kallias can stop her, she removes the Eye from its altar, freeing Taras-Mordor. Kallias and Mordor duel, and Mordor disintegrates Kallias. Sonja yells at Conan to grab a sword to defend himself, and the youth grabs the Sword of Crom, transforming him into a musclebound barbarian. Mordor summons three powerful warriors, whom Conan and Sonja manage to defeat, but the wizard gloats and uses the power of the Dragon's Eye to raise them once more from the dead. The henchmen are defeated once and for all when they are knocked down a pit, and Conan soon sends Taras-Mordor plumetting down this pit as well. Taras Mordor transforms into a fire-breathing dragon to ascend from the pit, and after a brief fight Conan defeats the dragon with a stab from the Sword of Crom. The Dragon's Eye is placed back upon its altar, sealing the evil wizard away once more and bringing Kallias back to life. Kallias thanks the heroes for their work, and the protagonists strike heroic poses as the show closes out.

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