The Bacta War

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The Bacta War
Stackpole - Star Wars - X-wing - The Bacta War Coverart.png
AuthorMichael A. Stackpole
Cover artistPaul Youll
CountryUnited States
Canon C
SubjectStar Wars
GenreScience fiction
PublisherBantam Spectra
Publication date
February 1, 1997
Media typePaperback
Preceded byThe Krytos Trap 
Followed byWraith Squadron 

The Bacta War (1997) is the fourth installment to the Star Wars X-wing series of novels. It is a science-fiction novel written by Michael Stackpole. It is set at the beginning of the New Republic Era in the Star Wars universe and focuses on the beginning of the conflict known as the Bacta War.


While the Republic fleet mounts a major campaign against a deadly warlord, tyrant Ysanne Isard has taken control of Thyferra, intending to withhold its supply of medicinal bacta to destabilize and destroy the New Republic (especially in light of a deadly plague she released into their ranks before doing so). Undermanned and deprived of Republic support, Rogue Squadron must oppose Isard's plans, defeat her Star Destroyer fleet, and free Thyferra from her rule in an all-or-nothing battle against a seemingly superior force.

Dramatis personae[edit]

Rogue Squadron


Droids and Aides

  • Zraii
  • M-3PO
  • Whistler
  • R5-G8

Republic Military

New Republic Intelligence

Crew of the Pulsar Skate


Thyferran Forces

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