The Crucifixion (Pavias)

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The Crucifixion
Greek: Η Σταύρωση
The Crucifixion-Andreas Pavias.jpg
ArtistAndreas Pavias
Yearc. 1440-1512
Mediumtempera on wood
Dimensions83.5 cm × 59 cm (32.9 in × 23 in)
LocationNational Gallery (Athens)

The Crucifixion is a tempera painting by Andreas Pavias, who was active in Crete during the second half of the 15th century and is considered part of the Cretan School. It is now in the National Gallery of Greece.[1]


The work is egg tempera on wood with dimensions of 83.5 cm x 59 cm.[2] It was created in the late 15th century; it is religious and depicts the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It shows influences of Late Gothic realism.[3]


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