The Ruins of Cawdor

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The Ruins of Cawdor
Developer(s)Ybarra Productions
Sierra On-Line
Publisher(s)Sierra On-Line
Windows 3.1
Windows 95
Release1995 (Incl. with INN)
Mode(s)Single player

The Ruins of Cawdor was the last of three graphical MUDs for the online community The Sierra Network, which later became The ImagiNation Network. It was designed by Richard Aronson (author of the widely reprinted RPG humor story Eric and the Dread Gazebo), and based loosely on Macbeth.

The game was released in 1995, and it was the third one in the series, preceded by The Shadow of Yserbius in 1992 and The Fates of Twinion in 1993. Only The Shadow of Yserbius and The Fates of Twinion were released in offline versions that could be played without an internet connection.

The Ruins of Cawdor has been patched to allow for offline play.

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