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Tianjin University of Technology and Education (abbreviated TUTE; Chinese: 天津职业技术师范大学; pinyin: Tiānjīn zhíyè jìshù shīfàn dàxué) is the first normal university in China to produce vocational teachers located in Tianjin, China and now is cosponsored by Ministry of Education and Tianjin Municipal Government. It was established in 1979 and subordinate to Ministry of Labour then. In 2000, it became under the charge of both national and local governments and mainly charged by Tianjin. In March 2010, it was renamed Tianjin University of Technology and Education. From 1993, TUTE began to recruit foreign students. In 2006, TUTE was ratified to enroll students with Chinese Government Scholarship. There were also “Principal Scholarship” to reward excellent overseas students. In 2008, the International School was established, in charge of the enrollment, cultivation, and management of overseas students. It developed so quickly that it became one of the fastest schools in Tianjin to enroll overseas students. During the past few years, TUTE has also cooperated with schools from America, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Australia and so on.


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