Tomás Altamirano Mantovani

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Tomás Altamirano Mantovani (c. 1960 – February 28, 2009) was a Panamanian politician and National Assembly deputy.

Background and public life[edit]

He was considered a prominent member of Panama's ruling political party, the Democratic Revolutionary Party.[1]

Altamirano was the son of former Panamanian Vice President Tomas Altamirano Duque.[1] He served as the head of the National Assembly of Panama's Canal Affairs Commission.[1]


Tomás Altamirano was killed on February 28, 2009, when a vehicle in which he was a passenger overturned on a Panamanian highway.[1] He was 49 years old.[1] Altamirano's bodyguard and another passenger were hospitalized in the accident.[1]

Panamanian President Martin Torrijos, and Foreign Minister Samuel Lewis Navarro were flown to the scene of the accident by helicopter.[1] Torrijos was described as "visibly upset."[1]


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