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Total Politics
EditorDavid Singleton
CategoriesBritish political magazines
Circulation12,700, including MPs, MEPs, peers, MSPs, AMs, MLAs, council leaders and public affairs professionals (2012) [1]
Year founded2008
CountryUnited Kingdom

Total Politics is a British political magazine described as "a lifestyle magazine for the political community".[2] It was first published in June 2008, and is distributed freely to all MPs, MEPs, peers, political journalists, members of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies, and all senior councillors down to district level as well as being available by subscription and sold on newsstands.[2][3]

The magazine was created by the Conservative journalist Iain Dale and the political commentator and author Shane Greer.[4] The two men launched Total Politics with some financial backing from the then Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Lord Ashcroft, who in return owned a 25% stake in the parent company Biteback Media.[5] The magazine claims to have a fundamental goal of being "unremittingly positive about the political process".[6]

In 2012, Biteback Media was acquired by Dods.[7]

In Conversation Interviews[edit]

Each issue of Total Politics carries a set-piece ‘In Conversation’ interview with a senior figure from British politics. The interviews are presented in a question and answer format, with no interpretation or analysis".[8] In addition, the interviews include a mini-interview called the ‘Quick Fire’ which is published as a box-out and involves more light-hearted questions.[8] Past interviewees have included:

Guide to Political Blogging[edit]

Each year, Total Politics publishes the Guide to Political Blogging in the UK, a book which includes a list of every political blog in the UK, lists of the best blogs in each blogging category (called Top Lists) and analysis of the British political blogosphere written by experts in political blogging.[9] The Guide was originally published independently by Iain Dale, but was taken over by Total Politics when it launched in 2008. The Top Lists categories (as of the 2009/2010 blogging guide) are:

  • Top 300 UK Political Blogs
  • Top 100 Left of Centre Blogs
  • Top 100 Right of Centre Blogs
  • Top 75 LibDem Blogs
  • Top 20 Libertarian Blogs
  • Top 30 Green Blogs
  • Top 60 Welsh Blogs
  • Top 50 Scottish Blogs
  • Top 20 Northern Irish Blogs
  • Top 30 MP Blogs
  • Top 40 Councillor Blogs
  • Top 50 Non-Aligned Blogs
  • Top 30 Media Blogs

The winners in each category are determined by public vote through an email poll.[10] As well as being recognised in the Guide, winners are also provided with digital awards badges to put on their blogs.[11]

Total Politics Ranking[edit]

A common theme in Total Politics is the publication of rankings for all things politics. This includes one-off rankings such as the ‘Top 50 Political Myths’,[12] the ‘Top 10 Political Gifts’[13] and annual rankings such as the ‘Top 100 Political Journalists’[14] and the ‘Top 100 Public Affairs Professionals’.[15]

Editorial Board[edit]

Designed to ensure political neutrality, the editorial board includes the following: –


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