Tour Ariane

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Tour Ariane
General information
LocationLa Défense
Coordinates48°53′22″N 2°14′37″E / 48.88944°N 2.24361°E / 48.88944; 2.24361Coordinates: 48°53′22″N 2°14′37″E / 48.88944°N 2.24361°E / 48.88944; 2.24361
Construction started1973
Antenna spire152 m (499 ft)
Roof152 m (499 ft)
Technical details
Floor count36
Floor area57,300 m2 (617,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
ArchitectRobert Zammit, Jean de Mailly

Tour Ariane (English: Ariane Tower)(previously known as tour Générale between 1973–1995) is an office skyscraper located in La Défense, the high-rise business district situated west of Paris, France.

Built in 1975, it belongs to the 2nd generation of skyscrapers in La Défense. The tower is 152 m (499 ft) tall and has 36 floors. In spite of a very conventional design, the tower offers an interesting and original cladding. The entrance of the tower was modified in the 1990s. The tower is currently undergoing major refurbishment.

The tower is owned by GIC Private Limited, which acquired the tower from Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield for approximately €465 million in October 2018.[1]

On 27 March 2014, the 52 years old French rock and urban climber Alain Robert, a.k.a. "the French Spider-Man", climbed the famous tower in 45 minutes. Onlookers and police gathered to watch his climb. He was arrested by police and later released without being charged.[2][3]

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