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Henchir-Boucha is a former Catholic diocese and archaeological site in Tunisia.[1][2][3]

Henchir-Boucha is at 36°31′41″N 9°53′10″E / 36.52806°N 9.88611°E / 36.52806; 9.88611[4] between Majaz al Bab and Bir al Mashariqah, central Tunisia. The site is 189 meters above sea level.[5] and is on the Oued Zitoun lake and Oued es Sid River.[6]


During the Roman Empire and late antiquity Henchir-Boucha was the site of an ancient Roman town[7] called Tubyza and was in the Roman province of Africa Proconsularis (now northern Tunisia). The remains of a large Roman Circus is at the site.[8][9][10]

Tubyza may have been a suburb of the nearby city Municipium Aurelium Commodianum.


Tubyza was the seat of an ancient Catholic bishopric.[1][11] It is now a titular bishopric.[12]

In antiquity, two bishops from Henchir-Boucha are known. Felix of Tubyza, was beheaded in Rome under Diocletian (15 January 304) for not handing over scriptures (traditor),[13][14] and Honorius, who attended the Council of Carthage (411).[13] The current bishop is Lucio Alfert of Paraguay.


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