Type I cytokine receptor

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Type I cytokine receptor, cytokine-binding domain
Pfam clanCL0159

Type I cytokine receptors are transmembrane receptors expressed on the surface of cells that recognize and respond to cytokines with four α-helical strands. These receptors are also known under the name hemopoietin receptors, and share a common amino acid motif (WSXWS) in the extracellular portion adjacent to the cell membrane. Members of the type I cytokine receptor family comprise different chains, some of which are involved in ligand/cytokine interaction and others that are involved in signal transduction.

The common cytokine-binding domain is related to the Fibronectin type III domain.

Signal transduction chains[edit]

The signal transducing chains are often shared between different receptors within this receptor family.[1]


Type I cytokine receptors include interleukin receptors, colony stimulating factor receptors and other cytokine receptors

Interleukin receptors[edit]

Colony stimulating factor receptors[edit]

Hormone receptor/neuropeptide receptor[edit]



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