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UNITIC World Trade Towers
Zgrade Momo i Uzeir, Sarajevo.jpg
General information
AddressFra Andjela Zvizdovica
Town or citySarajevo
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Design and construction
ArchitectIvan Štraus

The United Investment and Trading Company (UNITIC), formerly UNIS Holding BiH, is a joint venture company between UNIS Holding and Kuwait Consulting & Investment Co. The company owns and operates the 346-foot UNITIC Twin Skyscrapers in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company was formed in 1998 and has since then invested KM 45 million in renovating the UNITIC Business Center.


Twins in 1996, burned during the war by tank shells

The UNITIC Twin Skyscrapers, designed by Ivan Štraus, were built in 1980s in the Marijin dvor neighborhood of Sarajevo. They were colloquially named "Momo and Uzeir" after two characters from a radio comedy show, a Serb and a Bosniak. The towers were heavily damaged by shelling during the Siege of Sarajevo but remained standing, becoming symbols of resilience.[1] They were renovated after the war.


UNITIC offers its clients office space and meeting rooms which can be rented for long durations of time. As the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006 the UNITIC Complex was at 90% occupancy rate. This has prompted the corporation to seek expansion.

The UNITIC website states this as the future plan of the company:

"Future plans of UNITIC were directed to both new activities and extension towards hotel Holiday Inn in order to create integral whole and contribute to completion of the facilities of the Center itself."[2]

Local media reports from mid-2006 states that UNITIC was planning a new tower for its complex, the new tower would stand at 30 floors height, greatly expanding the company's space. The worth of the proposed project would be KM 70 million.[3]

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