United States national korfball team

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AssociationUnited States Korfball Federation
IKF membership1978
IKF codeUSA United States
IKF rank40 (Nov.2014)
World Championships
First appearance1978
Best result5th, 1978
World Games
First appearance1985
Best result3rd, 1985

The United States national korfball team is managed by the United States Korfball Federation (USKF), representing the United States in korfball international competitions.

In 2006, Canada, along with the USA formed North America to compete in the Commonwealth and Friends Korfball Championship.[1] Finishing 6th out of 7.

Tournament history[edit]

World Championships[2]
Year Championship Host Classification
1978 1st World Championship Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 5th place
1984 2nd World Championship Antwerp (Belgium) 6th place
1987 3rd World Championship Makkum (The Netherlands) 7th place
1991 4th World Championship Antwerp (Belgium) 7th place
2007 8th World Championship Brno (Czech Republic) 13th place
World Games[3]
Year Championship Host Classification
1985 2nd World Games London (England) Med 3.png 3rd place
1989 3rd World Games Karlsruhe (Germany) 5th place
1993 4th World Games The Hague (Netherlands) 5th place

Current squad[edit]

National team in the World Championship 2007

  • Amanda Guijarro
  • Effie VanDyke
  • Allison Watchorn
  • Kate Madison
  • Erika Guijarro
  • Aaron Kenemer
  • David Warren
  • Antoine Williams
  • Gerado Ruffino
  • Steve Malvitz
  • Chris Olds
  • Julie McGowan
  • Mark Slotman
  • Coach: Ronald Buis


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