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University of Tuzla
Univerzitet u Tuzli
University of Tuzla logo.png
Latin: Universitas Studiorum Tuzlaensis
Established18 November 1976; 44 years ago (1976-11-18)
RectorNermina Hadžigrahić
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students10,683 (2018–19)[1]
Location, ,
ColorsRed and white
AffiliationsEuropean University Association

University of Tuzla (Bosnian: Univerzitet u Tuzli) is a public university located in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The university was founded in 1958. It became a proper university in 1976, and today is one of the major institutions of higher learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the academic year of 2014–2015, the total number of enrolled students in all faculties and academies was 10,683. The total number of enrolled students has shown a steady decline from the academic year 2010–2011, when 14,212 students were enrolled at the university.[2]


A college of mining was established in 1958 and Faculty of Chemical Engineering in 1959 as the first faculty outside University of Sarajevo; the college then had 159 students. The Mining School developed into a Faculty of Mining in 1960. From there, more faculties were added and enrollment increased until an independent university of higher education was created in 1976. 1970's was a decade of exponential rise in number of higher education institutions in the former Yugoslavia when alongside Tuzla universities in Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Mostar, Podgorica, Bitola, Maribor, Banja Luka and Kragujevac all opened their doors.


In the 2000s, the Basketball club UKK Student, which competes in A1 League (2nd Tier on Pyramid), was established at the university.

Faculties and Academies[edit]

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

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Coordinates: 44°31′55″N 18°41′12.7″E / 44.53194°N 18.686861°E / 44.53194; 18.686861