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Consults on publishing, media and digital communications by day. Writes novels and history books and stuff by night. No longer really blogs at Fake Plastic Souks. Occasionally gets involved in space stuff too, but is most certainly not allowed to touch the red buttons.

A resident of the Emirates since 1993, I'm particularly interested in UAE history, archaeology and Emirati things in general - particularly in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

I'm useless at source editing and am frequently to be found at the site of train crashes trying to look innocent and sidle away.

I spend much of my productive time here creating articles or tidying things up: WP:BLP and WP:AfD are of interest - I try and participate at AfD as my way of saying sorry for the things I send there from working on New Page Patrol. My unproductive time is spent reading WP:ANI and wondering about the futility of it all.

I've so far created (in no particular order):

Al HeeraSharjah FortSharjah WanderersAl Mahatta FortHatta Fort HotelAl BithnahDubai Creek Golf & Yacht ClubMleiha Archaeological CentreWasit Wetland CentreWadi Suq CultureEd-DurAl ThuqeibahAl MadamMohammed bin Rashid Global InitiativesHafit periodMuweilahDubai International Writers' CentreRain RoomPink CaravanWadi BihJebel Al BuhaisAl Marmoom Desert Conservation ReserveAl AshooshBidaa Bint SaudQattara OasisList of Ancient Settlements in the UAEAl Falayah FortAl FaqaUmm Al Quwain FortMarghamSaih Al SalamNazwaAl LisailiAl SajaaAl Zahra Hospital • Sharjah Police ForceMahdhaSeih Al HarfThameedUAE Drones for GoodObeid bin Said bin RashidRashid bin MaktoumMaktoum bin Hasher Al MaktoumDunes (stamps)Persian Gulf campaign of 1819Hassan bin Rahma Al QasimiAl ZorahSaqr bin Rashid Al QasimiSalim bin Sultan Al QasimiSaqr bin Khalid Al QasimiKhalid bin Sultan Al QasimiKhalid bin Ahmad Al Qasimi ‎• Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi II •‎ Rashid bin Matar Al QasimiHumaid bin Abdullah Al QasimiSultan bin Salim Al QasimiRashid bin Majid Al MuallaAhmad bin Abdullah Al MuallaHamad bin Ibrahim Al MuallaAli bin Abdullah Al MuallaMubazzara DamAbdelaziz bin Rashid Al Nuaimi •‎ Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Nuaimi • ‎Humaid bin Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi • ‎ Al MuallaHamad bin Abdullah Al SharqiSaif bin Hamad Al Sharqi ‎• Mohammed bin Hamad Al SharqiNa'imAl Sharqi ‎• Saeed bin Tahnun Al NahyanKhalifa bin Shakhbut Al Nahyan ‎• Tahnun bin Shakhbut Al NahyanBuraimi DisputeJiri plainBani Kaab ‎• Hamdan bin Zayed bin Khalifa Al NahyanKunudAl Bu MuhairArab Reading Challenge • ‎ MazariManasir (tribe)SharqiyinDhawahirThe Founder's MemorialSudan (tribe)Gainsborough Stud‎‎Duru (tribe)AwamirBani HadiyahArchaeology of the United Arab Emirates • the Arab Strategy ForumRandom InternationalBudi TekIron Age in the United Arab EmiratesBattle of DibbaHeart of SharjahSharjah Investment and Development AuthorityAl Hefaiyah Conservation CentreBait Al Naboodah • the Battle of Dhank‎ • Awhala FortWadi HaylWadi SahamWadi QorWadi SijiWadi Helo (wadi)Wadi ShawkaWadi SalWadi TuwaWadi MaydaqWadi EsfaiWadi AsimahWadi EjiliWadi FaraWadi SidrWadi TayyibahWadi NaqabTahil (Sharjah)Samuel HennellAl Hayl FortGhayl FortHyacinth incidentThe Flying Saucer, SharjahTaryam Omran TaryamAbdullah Omran TaryamIbrahim Bin Mohammed Al MidfaAl Bait HotelAjman FortAl Bithnah FortLabsahTayyibahHabus and some other stuff, too.

Oh, and Mimar Hayruddin, who isn't from or in any way remotely connected to the Emirates but who needed doing...

Funny, really, that nobody had bothered before...