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Bryan Derksen
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Bryan Derksen is a Wikipedia article editor who has become somewhat hooked by Wikipedia. His areas of interest and/or expertise include biology, computer science, astronomy, science fiction, and a scattering of all kinds of other stuff with little apparent connection. He has Bachelors in genetics and computer science. He first started editing on July 28 2001 (the Actaeon article, to be precise). He gained sysop status in April 2002.

He apparently hit the big time in March of 2005 when Wired Magazine mentioned him in no less than two articles, one of them dead-tree: The Book Stops Here, Wiki Becomes a Way of Life. This will no doubt give him a swelled head and result in a meteoric rise to fame, followed by a descent into obscurity and madness. Watch this space for updates.

On April 22 2005 he noticed that he had reached first place on Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits (bested only by Rambot and D6, both bots). W00t! He has sworn to use his new position of prominence wisely, possibly spinning it off into a movie career.

The approximate size of English Wikipedia if printed and bound.

Alas, this was not to be as he discovered on August 5 that the young whippersnapper User:SimonP had surpassed him in edits. He gave the new star editor some sage advice on dealing with fame, while secretly beginning a quest to destroy the usurper forever.

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well done with the wiki-editing; please accept this minor barnstar as a token of my esteem and respect Dr Spam (MD) 16:58, 9 May 2007 (UTC)

He's now 12th in the List.

This barnstar is awarded in recognition of your outstanding contributions to Air Florida Flight 90 and its related articles about the heroes of the disaster. - Vaoverland
I, Dbraceyrules give you this tireless contribution award for being the Number one contributor on Wikipedia, and having over 77,000 edits!Dbraceyrules 20:58, 21 July 2005 (UTC)

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<body>I am trying to create an article on this site that keeps track of the larges web sites in the world. I noticed you started the page for adding articles 16 years ago and would like you subject matter expert advice. Please move this #Big_Date to the correct place. I am a newbie on wiki and need all the help I can find. [1]

  1. beta test site only not for you. url= <a href="">BETA TEST SITE DOES NOT EXIST YET BUT WILL LATER ON TODAY</a></body></>
    1. ^ ~~~~ | Hello, My name is John Zarlino and I author the web with my Pseudonym "Brending Klout"