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Greetings! I'm Choess, Wikipedia user since 2005.

I got the mop and bucket in August 2008. I use my tools very sparingly and mostly to aid in article writing/organization, so if you have a problem requiring an administrator, I am not necessarily your best choice. I have declared myself open to recall; my recall page is here. I am currently looking for clerks for that page.

I hold a graduate degree in biochemistry, and teach biology and chemistry at a local college. I don't usually edit in those areas, but I can comment on them with some degree of assurance if necessary.

My principal areas of editing are as follows:

  • British peers and office-holders (MPs, courtiers, and so forth), concentrating on making proper succession boxes and assigning categories.
  • Railroad history, particularly that of the American mid-Atlantic states and the Pennsylvania Railroad.
  • The iron industry in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.
  • Some medieval and crusading history, although I've done very little of this of late.

You can see the portfolio I maintain of some of my contributions.

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