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User:Donner60. This is a Wikipedia user page. This is not an encyclopedia article. If you find this page on any site other than Wikipedia, you are viewing a mirror site. Be aware that the page may be outdated and that the user to whom this page belongs may have no personal affiliation with any other site than Wikipedia itself.
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United States

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Further details or comments about the information in the user boxes are in the collapsible sections below or in sub-pages created at various times in 2020 as shown in those sections. The sub-pages were created in an effort to allow a reduced version of this page to save. Problems with saving the page had been occurring for at least several weeks at that time. Some sections have links or other information typical of that often found on many others' user pages.

I participated in the 2018 Military History Project backlog drive in April 2018. I created 4 requested articles and made a few other small contributions. Two of the articles, Henry Boynton Clitz and Justus McKinstry, were rated B-class and were the subject of DYK items on the main page. In one of my more recent major articles (still rated B), in 2016, I created an article about John F. R. Seitz, an American regimental combat team colonel in World War II. He ultimately retired as a major general after a distinguished combat record and varied and interesting career. On August 18, 2019 I added a short article on Military Division of the James. I participated in the 2020 Wikiproject Military History backlog reduction drive in March 2020. I created six new articles. Three were assessed B class.

My content creation and improvement/addition work is usually in military history, including military biography, articles. However, in late July and August 2020, I created seven new articles on members of the earliest sessions of the Virginia House of Burgesses. I had created some articles on these members several years ago and I intend to complete articles on all the members of the first session in 1619 as soon as I can. I also intend to follow up in the last few of months of 2020 on a suggestion to add content to articles, and perhaps new articles, on the final months of World war II.

I expect to continue to work in a few other areas of the project besides content work, but as it has been in 2020 so far at reduced levels as I work more on content. Content work takes time and results in many fewer edits in the time spent in research and writing. Real life sometimes intervenes and allows less time for editing as a whole, of course. This has been the case for me in 2020. I had made a certain minimum number of edits per month for several years but the number of my edits in the first months of 2020 have fallen below that minimum number although I continue to have some edits every month. Nothing other than work on content or real life time constraints should be presumed if I have fewer edits in future months and some periods of inactivity longer than the occasional few days at a time that I have been offline in recent years. If I happen to disappear for several weeks, however, I think it is most likely to be because of personal or a family member's health issues.

Format; Lists; Vandalism to this page: Semi-protection

The somewhat makeshift collection of user boxes to start the page was a small group at first. Through additions, it became longer. I found that I could not readily disentangle the cross full page grouping. Perhaps it is the combination of conventional, reconstructed and custom boxes. Maybe I just haven't taken enough time to find the right formatting. Now, it does not seem worth the time to change the page to place the user boxes in a column or two. I may try to do that or place them all at the bottom of the page, as some users have done. Since most of my content is in collapsible lists, that placement of user boxes seems to me to be much the same. I would rather not hide them in sections because much of my Wikipedia information is in them. I think I have adjusted the format enough so the user boxes don't scatter around the screen but I suppose they may not display quite as well on screens with narrower margins.

I use collapsible sections to keep the a compact first look at the page and the content topics. Over the years, lists of my articles, activities at the project, research library and other matters related to the project have grown. I have created sub-pages to keep this content because this page had too many bytes and even as revised is sometimes still hard to save. I have even had to split some of the original sub-pages for this reason.

Lists, including lists concerning my activities, interest me. I once bought a book entitled: The Book of Lists by David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace and Amy Wallace; New York: Morrow, 1977: ISBN 978-0-688-03183-1 (which became a #1 bestseller). I have created (italics) or largely expanded some lists here at Wikipedia including: List of American Civil War generals, List of American Civil War generals (Union), List of American Civil War brevet generals (Union), List of American Civil War generals (Confederate), List of American Civil War generals (Acting Confederate), List of members of the Virginia House of Burgesses, Timeline of events leading to the American Civil War, Bibliography of the American Revolutionary War, and Bibliography of the American Civil War.

The number of times my pages have been vandalized in the user box is the number of separate edits by vandals. A few vandals made several edits before their vandalism was reverted. So, I have added at least most of the vandalism edits to this page to the userbox count. Thanks to User:DeltaQuad, now AmandaNP, for keeping this number stable by semi-protecting this page on October 31, 2016.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Sub-page lists: DYK awards and articles reviewed; My On this day Articles; My AfD reviews; My Speedy Deletion reviews; My reports to AIV; My Barnstars and Barnstars awarded; Welcomes/Advice Links Placed

Template awards for my DYK articles and a list of DYK articles that I have reviewed have been moved to User:Donner60/DYK. I have retained the text of my DYK articles in a section below as well.

My On this day Articles:
A June 17 anniversary from one of the new articles that I created appeared on the On this day section of the Main Page on June 17, 2012:
1861American Civil War: The Battle of Vienna, Virginia, took place, which involved one of the earliest military movements of troops by train in the world.

A March 29 anniversary from two articles that I rewrote and substantially expanded (Appomattox Campaign and Battle of Lewis's Farm) appeared in the "On this day" section of the Main Page on March 29, 2015:
1865American Civil War: The Appomattox Campaign opened with the Battle of Lewis's Farm, in which the Confederate States Army was forced into a series of retreats that would culminate in their surrender.

An April 1 anniversary from an article that I substantially expanded, Battle of Five Forks although stated in an April Fool way, appeared in the "On this day" section of the Main Page on April 1, 2015: 1865American Civil War: Ordered to hold five forks, Confederate General George Pickett (pictured) instead lost almost 3,000

When I thought to check the latter two articles at a later date, not long after they were used in the On this day section, I had contributed 84.6% of the text of Appomattox Campaign, 89.7% of the content of Battle of Lewis's Farm and 91.8% of the content of Battle of Five Forks. So I think it was fair to include them. Despite the addition of some irrelevant content about re-enactments and commemorations added by another editor, my contribution to the article was still 83.0% of the content at the time of the later post on this page.

An April 1 anniversary from an article that I substantially expanded, Battle of Five Forks again appeared in the "On this day" section of the Main Page on April 1, 2019: "1865 – American Civil War: The Union Army inflicted over 2,900 casualties on the Confederates in the Battle of Five Forks." The page history still showed that the great majority of the article was written by me as of the date of the on this day posting.

Individual Articles for Deletion (AfDs) reviewed and Ivotes
Through October 20, 2020: 51; 47 !votes matched consensus, 2 !vote results had no consensus but votes were keep and merge so same result, 2 !votes did not match consensus, in both my !vote was to keep. Remainder of text and table moved to User:Donner60/Deletions

Speedy Deletion nominations, results/CSD Log:
595 nominations; 579 deletions, 6 kept after expansion but a few others may have been re-created properly more recently, 3 or my nominations were clear mistakes. Further explanations, including reasons for declined reports, and the table of nominations and results also have been moved to User:Donner60/Deletions.

AIV Reports:
I have created new sub-pages User:Donner60/AIV Reports and User:Donner60/AIV Reports 2 for the list of my AIV reports and their dispositions. Over the years the number has grown so large that this page and the first report page became slower to save, if they would save at all.

I am keeping the following summary text and statistics on AIV reports here and on User:Donner60/AIV Reports 2. I have stopped updating them on User:Donner60/AIV Reports since they would logically be with the latest reports and here.

Introductory paragraph to AIV Reports statistics. As of October 20, 2020, I have made distinct reports on 1580 vandals/disruptive users to AIV; so user box shows 1578+.; 1552 resulted in blocks (plus 1 user not blocked on my report but blocked by another administrator 2 days later). I noted in detail the reasons that no action was taken on most of the reports here and on the last AIV Report page. I am deleting those reasons here and may do so there or cut them back. Most were reports that were not acted upon were considered stale and/or where there was no further vandalism by the vandal, not where there was a problem with the report. Most of the reports were on Saturday nights where little or no action had been taken on the reports for several hours. Two were in cases where page protection was placed on the pages the vandals were acting on.

Even so, as of October 20, 2020, more than 98% of my reports resulted in blocks and the others were not declined because they were wrong but due to technicalities, usually because they were "stale."

I occasionally will simply undo an edit which is merely wrong, with explanation, or, probably less often, add a clarification or a reference. Disruptive editing and other reasons for reverts are among reasons listed by Huggle and can harm articles as much or more than outright vandalism.

I try not to use a vandalism template when a more accurate one should be used, but I should note that the first template warning concerning an edit not being constructive can be appropriate without being an outright accusation of vandalism. I think that reporting a user who has fewer than four plus one vandalisms (etc.) can be premature, especially if the user has no previous block or long history of vandalism barely evading blocks. I try to avoid Huggle false reports because of escalations of templates or failure to take into account an intervening block. I have added up to four manual warnings plus one vandalism before reporting a user to AIV when I see new vandalism after one block or prior warnings that are not recent. While I feel that I should add these thoughts because this has been a large (though not the only) area of my activity in recent years, this is not in direct response to anything directed to me, as I think a look at my talk page would show.

Welcomes; Informative Messages:

I have left many extra messages on user talk pages with further explanations and helpful Wikipedia page links. These are listed at User:Donner60/Welcomes. Most of these messages have become advice with links and other tips but without the welcome language but I decided to keep the title rather than move the page. I will usually place such a message on talk pages where I have given at least one notice that I had reverted edit. I put these extra messages on the pages of users whom I think are making mistakes because of lack of knowledge of Wikipedia guidelines, styles and policies and possibly not intentionally vandalizing or disrupting the encyclopedia. Since their initial nonconstructive edits were minor, I may think they could be good candidates for encouragement. I think a little further information and instruction could help an apparently good faith new user become a productive contributor and even perhaps a disruptive user become a constructive contributor. The links and tips in these messages may be helpful for well-intentioned users who violate policies, styles and guidelines due to lack of knowledge rather than bad intent. There are such new users, though it may be difficult to identify them if their initial edits appear disruptive or completely clueless.

I am keeping this list mainly for statistical reasons and perhaps will remove it or not keep it up after a time. While keeping track of the users can allow me to check back to see if constructive edits are made, I realize that anyone who becomes a constructive user is likely to register. That will make any follow-up to see if messages left on many IP user talk pages had positive results impossible.

I did a check back on some early users after some time had passed but did not find any constructive editing in their contribution lists. A few of these users had constructive edits when the welcome messages were placed on their talk pages but most of them had one or two nonconstructive or test edits. I placed the welcomes mainly to encourage the nonconstructive new editors (though not obvious vandals) to be constructive. I have not listed any similar information or explanations that I have given to users in answers to questions on my talk page.

Since the list was getting long, on January 19, 2016, I moved it to the User:Donner60/Welcomes sub-page to reduce the bytes on my user page. Since the first Welcome sub-page in turn was getting long, I decided to create a second sub-page User:Donner60/Welcomes 2 listing messages starting January 1, 2020. I expect to make no further edits to the first Welcomes page unless an error happens to come to my attention.

Sub-pages, most in this section are My Libraries (Bibliographies); Reference Use

My Library (bibliography) pages have been created so that I can more easily research my books to find references to add content to articles or to create new articles. The titles are shown in Chicago Manual of Style format. Note from Wikipedia:Citing sources. July 17, 2016: "While citations should aim to provide the information listed above, Wikipedia does not have a single house style, though citations within any given article should follow a consistent style. A number of citation styles exist including those described in the Wikipedia articles for Citation, APA style, ASA style, MLA style, The Chicago Manual of Style, Author–date referencing, Vancouver system and Bluebook." I use the Chicago Manual of Style format because I found it easier to understand and edit when I started contributing to Wikipedia. It can have one or two more pieces of information than other formats. In 2018, "magic links" have been deprecated and the advantage of automatically checked ISBNs can be attained by using the correct format for ISBNs and still use the Chicago Manual of Style format. Wikipedia:Book sources and Help:ISBN are pertinent Wikipedia pages.

I have split the library into several pages because one page became too long to save easily and because I have added some topics that I occasionally use. In turn, I have added sections to pages with many titles for easier reference and to more easily save sections. In some cases I moved and renamed previous sub-pages that I was not using and did not really need to keep. I had shown them with the titles but have now omitted them as superfluous.

User:Donner60/Military History Library. Includes all wars in which the United States has been a party up to the Viet Nam war unless included in one of the separate pages shown next.

User:Donner60/Colonial era bibliography.

User:Donner60/American Revolution Library.

User:Donner60/American Civil War Library.

User:Donner60/American Civil War Library References, General Topics.

User:Donner60/American Civil War Library Biographies, Memoirs, Overviews.

User:Donner60/American Civil War bibliography from Internet.

User:Donner60/World War II Library.

User:Donner60/Ancient, Medieval and Miscellaneous History Library. The miscellaneous history is mostly European history and in fact is almost all early history.

User:Donner60/General and Miscellaneous History Library includes general histories, railroads, religions, American Old West.

User:Donner60/ACW References. American Civil War facts and sources for reference and future edits; some general article links. This was only a start and I now must consider whether it is worth gathering this reference material online.


User:Donner60/Wikipedia article links. A few references, links, templates, and odds and ends; mostly project pages: editing, formatting, citations, style. I have not used this much in recent years and will think about some change or even deletion.


User:Donner60/sandbox2. For development of drafts (articles or discussion points or positions) that I wish to have available online to myself or to others who may be advised or interested in seeing progress of the draft which is expected to take some time. Anything here must be viewed as a draft and not a finished product.

User:Donner60/sandbox 3. For drafts, as of October 20, 2020 has American Civil War library full list alphabetical by author for possible future reference.

Articles that I have created

This list started with the list generated by clicking the link in the "articles created" user box as of October 12, 2016. In order not to have to recopy and format the list with the newer articles, I have added them to the top of the list with the latest numbers. The list is in order by date created with most recent first. At one time the bot which compiles the new list of pages created gave me 1 fewer than the number I show but as of August 2020, it seems to be up to date. I don't have the articles linked because I thought it would be a nuisance to have this page show up on the "what links here" list for each article.

I asked for two articles which I had just started, Battle of Green River and Battle of Gravelly Run to be deleted. I recall starting these as redirects but then noticed there was more than one battle which had these titles as alternate names. These two now show on the list as deleted articles although I intended them only as redirects and then deleted them myself when I discovered they would not work as such. The log shows that I requested the deletions and the sizes of the pages were 41 and 36 bytes. In addition, I am now credited with a disambiguation page creation. It is a page I started as a redirect and I don't think I should count it so I have reduced the number in the userbox by one. As of August 20, 2020, my pages created page shows 133 with 2 having been deleted. Subtracting the redirect > disambiguation page, as of this date I show 130 in the user box and will use that as a basis for further additions.

When a long hiatus in the Wikipedia article count list started, I was number 4795 for articles and redirects created. The new list shows only articles created so I dropped down the list. It is revised twice per month as of August 2020. My place in the table of articles as of a more recent date created is shown in the user box above.

Most but not all articles have been checked for assessments. The rogue and now blocked editor User:Wild Wolf assessed a great many military history articles as start and checked one of the random criteria as insufficient. He did this so fast and so carelessly that it is obvious that he did not read the articles. I am sure at least some of my start articles should be assessed B. Perhaps I will take the time some day to reassess them myself or to ask for reassessments.

Articles created as of October 20, 2020:

130. John Pollington 2020-08-12
129. Edmund Rossingham 2020-08-10
128. William Sharpe (burgess) 2020-08-10
127. William Spencer (burgess) 2020-08-10
126. William Spence (burgess) 2020-08-07
125. Samuel Sharpe (burgess) 2020-07-29
125. Samuel Sharpe (burgess) 2020-07-29
124. William Reading Montgomery 2020-06-28
123. John Love (General) 2020-03-31 (assessed B)
122. Battle of Camp Davies 2020-03-29 (assessed C)
121. Friend Smith Rutherford 2020-03-28 (assessed B)
120. Thomas Grimke Rhett 2020-03-26 (assessed B)
119. Albemarle Cady 2020-03-22 (assessed B)
118. Gustavus Adolphus Smith 2020-03-19 (assessed B)
117. Military Division of the James 2019-08-18
116. David Henry Williams 2018-04-30
115. Battle of Rome Cross Roads 2018-04-30 (assessed C)
114. Henry Boynton Clitz 2018-04-29 (assessed B)
113. Justus McKinstry 2018-04-20 (assessed B)
112. Alabama Central Railroad 2018-02-16
1. John F. R. Seitz 2016-10-11 (assessed B)
2. Eric J. Wittenberg 2016-07-08
3. Burns Tracy Walling 2016-01-06 (assessed B)
4. Cato (spy) 2014-05-29
5. Jonas Hawkins 2014-05-19 (assessed C)
6. Anna Strong (spy) 2014-05-05 (assessed B)
7. Robert Savin 2014-02-08
8. Robert Beasley (burgess) 2014-02-08 stub
9. Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad 2013-12-26
10. Upson County Railroad 2013-12-19
11. Selma and Meridian Railroad 2013-12-19
12. Rogersville and Jefferson Railroad 2013-12-18
13. Cahaba, Marion and Greensboro Railroad 2013-12-18
14. East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad 2013-12-17
15. East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad 2013-12-17
16. Atlantic, Tennessee and Ohio Railroad 2013-12-17
17. Thomas Herrick 2013-10-28
18. Henry Herrick 2013-10-27
19. Thomas Haynes (burgess) 2013-10-27
20. Abraham Iverson 2013-10-26 stub
21. Battle of Fairfax Court House (June 1863) 2013-07-11 (assessed B)
22. Richard Buck (chaplain) 2013-05-05
23. Robert Abrahall 2013-03-06
24. Thomas Wotton (surgeon) 2013-03-02
25. Hancock Custis 2013-03-02
26. Charles W. Adams (Confederate general) 2012-12-23
27. Chambersburg Raid 2012-10-12
28. George Paul Harrison, Sr. 2012-10-08
29. Jeptha Vining Harris 2012-09-29
30. Jeptha Vining Harris (doctor) 2012-09-28
31. Jeptha Vining Harris (Georgia) 2012-09-26
32. Jeptha Vining Harris (Mississippi) 2012-09-24
33. David Bullock Harris 2012-09-21
34. William Henry Harman 2012-09-16
35. Albert Creswell Garlington 2012-09-13
36. Wilmot Gibbes de Saussure 2012-09-11
37. Joseph H. Tucker 2012-08-21
38. George Fawdon 2012-08-19
39. Reuben Walker Carswell 2012-08-13
40. F. Blair Wimbush 2012-08-12
41. Edward Rhodes Carswell 2012-08-11
42. Gilbert S. Meem 2012-08-09
43. Gibbs Point 2012-08-03
44. James Harvey Carson 2012-07-31
45. James Boggs (general) 2012-07-31
46. Francis Marion Walker 2012-07-29 (assessed B)
47. James Cameron (Union colonel) 2012-07-27 (assessed B, July 29, 2010)
48. Robert Johnson Henderson 2012-07-21
49. William Henry Chase 2012-07-20
50. Moses Wright Hannon 2012-07-16
51. James Hagan (Confederate colonel) 2012-07-13
52. Henry Marshall Ashby 2012-07-09
53. Robert Plunket Maclay 2012-07-08
54. Levin Major Lewis 2012-07-05
55. Wilburn Hill King 2012-07-03
56. List of American Civil War generals (Acting Confederate) 2012-06-29
57. Benjamin Franklin Gordon 2012-06-29
58. Horace Randal 2012-06-24
59. William Hugh Young 2012-02-07
60. Claudius C. Wilson 2012-02-04
61. Thomas H. Taylor 2012-02-03
62. David A. Weisiger 2012-01-27
63. William Henry Wallace 2012-01-26
64. William Stephen Walker 2012-01-22
65. Henry Harrison Walker 2012-01-22
66. Allen Thomas 2012-01-21
67. Walter H. Stevens 2012-01-20
68. Ezra Warner 2012-01-20
69. Ezra J. Warner (historian) 2012-01-20
70. Clement H. Stevens 2012-01-19
71. James P. Simms 2012-01-17
72. John C. C. Sanders 2012-01-16
73. Isaac M. St. John 2012-01-15
74. Daniel H. Reynolds 2011-12-28
75. William F. Perry 2011-12-17 (assessed B, March 14, 2012)
76. Patrick T. Moore 2011-12-05
77. Young Marshall Moody 2011-11-28
78. William W. Mackall 2011-11-28 (assessed B, December 1, 2011)
79. Alfred E. Jackson 2011-11-18
80. Benjamin J. Hill 2011-11-16
81. Edward Higgins (Confederate general) 2011-11-15
82. Thomas Harrison (general) 2011-11-14
83. James E. Harrison 2011-11-13
84. Nathaniel H. Harris 2011-10-26
85. William Polk Hardeman 2011-10-25
86. William M. Gardner 2011-10-15
87. Julius A. De Lagnel 2011-10-13
88. George B. Cosby 2011-10-13
89. Alexander William Campbell (general) 2011-10-12
90. Stephen Elliott, Jr. 2011-07-26
91. James Conner 2011-07-26
92. James Conner (general) 2011-07-26
93. Ensign Washer 2011-07-25
94. James Cantey 2011-07-22
95. William Powell (Virginia colonist) 2011-07-21
96. John George (Virginia colonist) 2011-07-15 (assessed C)
97. Tyree H. Bell 2011-07-14 (assessed C)
98. William G. M. Davis 2011-07-02 (assessed B, August 21, 2011)
99. James Patton Brownlow 2011-06-21
100. Battle of Vienna, Virginia 2011-06-13 (I did not revise the reference formats or add information about commemorations and memorials, among other subsequent changes.) (assessed B)
101. Battle of Arlington Mills 2011-06-06 (assessed C)
102. List of American Civil War brevet generals (Union) 2011-05-24
103. Battle of Fairfax Court House (June 1861) 2011-05-22 (assessed B, January 17, 2013)
104. John Quincy Marr 2011-05-15
105. Thornsbury Bailey Brown 2011-05-11
106. Fetterman, West Virginia 2011-05-09
107. George A. Porterfield 2011-05-07
108. Battle of Mathias Point 2011-05-04
109. Battle of Pig Point 2011-05-03
110. Battle of Gloucester Point (1861) 2011-04-28
111. Timeline of events leading to the American Civil War 2011-04-02

  • Category:Irish soldiers in the Confederate States Army

Redirects to substantive articles:

Some of these articles were assessed by an indefinitely blocked user who appears to have rapidly added assessments to perhaps thousands of military history articles, all at start class, without carefully reading the articles or applying the criteria. I am not sure it is worth asking for reassessments but I may do that after I review some of the articles. I saw nothing on the project page which led me to think all of the articles wrongly assessed by the former user would automatically be reassessed for C or B class. It would be a big job and perhaps not worthwhile to the project in the scheme of things. It seems not to have been undertaken after considerable time has passed so requests seem to be necessary. Content creation or revision would seem to be a better use of members' time. I am not likely to recheck these assessments regularly.

Articles to which I have made a significant contribution, reanimated or rescued

I am not likely to recheck the assessment of the following articles regularly for reasons stated at the end of the previous section.

Substantial Expansion to B

Substantial Expansion or Revision

  • Substantial addition to stub - reference(s) and at least two or three paragraphs

Revisions but especially see talk page Battle of Columbus (1865)



My DYK Articles

DYK from articles created:

Template awards and DYK articles I have revied moved to User:Donner60/DYK. The following list is the DYK text of my DYK articles from the main page:

May 20, 2018 DYK ... that Union Army general Justus McKinstry, who recommended the appointment of Ulysses S. Grant to his first important command, was soon thereafter cashiered? 4145 page views on May 21-22, 2018.

May 11, 2018 DYK ... that Henry Boynton Clitz, Commandant of Cadets at West Point from 1862 to 1864, disappeared in 1888? 3652 Views in 12 hour posting 0:00-12:00 UTC on May 11, 2018.

May 10, 2014 DYK ...that American spy Anna Strong signaled members of the Culper Ring during the American Revolutionary War with her petticoat? 2,937 page views on May 10, 2014.

August 1, 2013 DYK... that in June 1863, at the Battle of Fairfax Court House (courthouse pictured), 87 men of the Union Army charged a division of at least 2,000 Confederate soldiers? 7,291 page views on August 1, 2013. Lead hook.

May 17, 2013 DYK ...that Richard Buck opened the first session of the Virginia General Assembly at Jamestown, Virginia on July 30, 1619 with a prayer? 564 page views on May 17.

December 30, 2012 DYK ... that Charles W. Adams, a Confederate colonel during the American Civil War, was a grandfather of Helen Keller? 1498 page views December 30; 205 page views December 31.

October 17, 2012 DYK ... that Confederate Major General J.E.B. Stuart's Chambersburg Raid was his second ride around McClellan? 1704 page views October 17.

October 1, 2012 DYK ... that Jeptha Vining Harris, a Mississippi militia general during the American Civil War, was the son of Jeptha Vining Harris, a Georgia militia general during the War of 1812? 989 page views October 1.

September 22, 2012 DYK ... ... that Confederate Colonel William Henry Harman was killed at the Battle of Waynesboro, Virginia, the town where he was born? 973 page views September 22.

September 12, 2012 DYK ... ... that Colonel Joseph H. Tucker, twice commander of the Camp Douglas (Chicago) prison camp during the American Civil War, was never mustered into the Union Army? 1503 page views September 12, 186 page views September 13.

August 18, 2012 DYK ... that the 48th Georgia Infantry Regiment of Confederate Lt. Colonel Reuben Walker Carswell was in a brigade commanded by Carswell's mentor as a lawyer, Brigadier General Ambrose R. Wright? 569 page views.

August 15, 2012 DYK ... that Virginia militia (Confederate) brigadier general Gilbert S. Meem moved to Seattle, Washington, in 1892 and was appointed postmaster by U.S. President Grover Cleveland? 1,033 page views on August 15, 2012. Overlap to August 16: 12.

August 11, 2012 DYK ... that Confederate Colonel Robert Johnson Henderson's division commander persuaded Henderson to sign his parole at the end of the American Civil War as a brigadier general? 1,489 page views, August 11, 2012.

August 5, 2012 DYK... that a brigadier general commission for Confederate Colonel Francis Marion Walker arrived at his headquarters the day after he was killed at the Battle of Atlanta in the American Civil War? 1,251 page views, August 5, 2012.

August 4, 2012 DYK... that Union Colonel James Cameron, killed at the American Civil War First Battle of Bull Run, was a brother of U.S. Secretary of War Simon Cameron? 1,088 page views, August 4, 2012.

July 23, 2012 DYK ... that on January 15, 1861, Florida militia colonel William Henry Chase demanded the surrender of Fort Pickens at Pensacola, Florida, which he had designed and constructed as a U.S. Army captain? 2,142 page views, July 23, 2012.

July 20, 2012 DYK ... that Confederate General John Bell Hood appointed Colonel Moses Wright Hannon an acting brigadier general after Hannon's men seized more than 1,000 cattle from the Union Army? 1,477 page views, July 20, 2012.

July 12, 2012 DYK ... that Confederate Army Colonel Levin Major Lewis was hit by a spent musket ball that stuck in his forehead at the Battle of Lone Jack in Missouri during the American Civil War? 6,369 page views, July 12, 2012. 7,191 page views July 12 and 13, 2012.

July 10, 2012 DYK ... that Confederate Army Colonel Wilburn Hill King acted as a general officer for more than a year but was never legally promoted? 3,190 pages views, July 10 and 11, 2012.

December 28, 2011 DYK ... that Alabama's first superintendent of public education, Confederate brigadier general and college professor William F. Perry, had little or no formal education? 2,430 page views, December 28 and 29, 2011.
2,610 page views between December 17 and December 29, 2011.

December 5, 2011 DYK ... that Confederate brigadier general Alfred E. Jackson was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson because of his kindness toward Johnson's family during the Civil War?" 7,600 page views, December 5 and 6, 2011. 8,401 page views between November 18, 2011 and December 29, 2011.

DYK articles I have reviewed along with DYK icons for DYK articles moved to User:Donner60/DYK.

Hoax article deletions/Page Protection Requests/UAA

Hoax articles existing in main space for a longer period of time than those usually tagged for speedy deletion. I found these, tagged them as blatant hoaxes, explained further on the talk pages and administrators deleted them.

User names (Usernames) for administrator attention: 12 reported and deleted or blocked as of October 20, 2020:

Asseaterr420 blocked indefinitely by Paul Erik August 17, 2016.
Abcabc ffuucckkk yyoouu son of a bbiittcch mmootheerffuucckkeer of the hell blocked indefinitely by Materialscientist August 19, 2016.
Nigerslovechicken blocked indefinitely by Acroterion August 20, 2016.
FuckPaintValley blocked indefinitely by DeltaQuad October 31, 2016.
Fuckdonaldtrump blocked indefinitely by Acroterion November 12, 2016.
KikesAndCoons blocked indefinitely by Mojo Hand December 14, 2017.
Donnar60 blocked indefinitely by Widr (vandalism only account) March 15, 2018.
Donner62 blocked indefinitely by C.Fred April 14, 2018.
Trump's Cum blocked indefinitely by Alexf May 21, 2018
Really Donald Trump blocked indefinitely by PresN May 21, 2018
ChrisPensoandMarkGeigerSuck blocked indefinitely by Bongwarrier May 21, 2018
Iwillshitonyou blocked indefinitely by Mz7 January 12, 2020

I have made few page protection requests because usually by the time I decide that vandalism to an article is by more than one user and regular countervandalism reverts and reports are insufficient, someone has already made a request. As of October 20, 2020, I have made 26 page protection requests, 25 granted or users blocked. So the user box shows "more than 25."

  • Page protection request for Unreal Tournament on June 3, 2014 due to persistent vandalism from several IPs contemporaneously. Protected by Go Phightins! until June 7.
  • Page protection request for Four (One Direction album) on September 9, 2014 due to persistent vandalism by several users. Indefinitely protected by Phil Knight.
  • Page protection request for Rafael van der Vaart on May 26, 2015 due to persistent vandalism from several IPs contemporaneously. Protected by Go MelanieN for one week.
  • Page protection request for Dej Loaf on September 9, 2015 due to persistent vandalism from several IPs contemporaneously. Protected by NeilN for one week.
  • Page protection request for Jaelen Strong on October 9, 2015 due to persistent vandalism from several IPs contemporaneously. Subject was playing in televised NFL game at the time. Protected for two days by NeilN.
  • Page protection request for Vic Carapazza on October 9, 2015 due to persistent vandalism from several IPs contemporaneously. Subject is an MLB umpire who made one or more disputed calls in yesterday's playoff game. About two hours later protected for three days by Materialscientist who independently saw the vandalism.
  • Page protection request for Stan Kroenke on January 13, 2016 due to persistent vandalism by several IPs and non-confirmed users. Subject is the owner of the St. Louis Rams NFL team which had just announced a move back to Los Angeles. Semi-protected for a period of 1 week by Jenks24.
  • Page protection request for Directed-energy weapon on May 24, 2016 due to persistent vandalism by several IPs and non-confirmed users. Semi-protected for 1 week by Gogo Dodo.
  • Page protection request for Trolls (film) on July 21, 2016 due to persistent vandalism by several IPs and non-confirmed users. Semi-protected for 4 days by NeilN.
  • Page protection request for Lyndon B. Johnson on September 29, 2016 due to persistent vandalism by several IPs. Semi-protected indefinitely by RU Bob13.
  • Page protection request for RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars (season 2). Temporary semi-protection October 7, 2016 to October 11, 2016 by 78.26.
  • Page protection request for Serangoon Junior College. Temporary semi-protection for 1 week from October 14, 2016 by CambridgeBayWeather.
  • Page protection request for 2016 World Series. Temporary semi-protection for 2 days from November 3, 2016 by Fuzheado.
  • Page protection request for Candy cane on November 6, 2016 due to persistent vandalism from several IPs contemporaneously. Enigmaman blocked the vandalizing users.
  • Page protection request for Miesha Tate. Indefinite semi-protection added by MRD2014 after Utcursch require autoconfirmed or confirmed access indefinitely November 13, 2016.
  • Page protection request for Nintendo Switch. Indefinite protection requiring autoconfirmed or confirmed access by David Levy as the protection request was being posted January 13, 2017.
  • Page protection request for Phil Jackson. Temporary semi-protection for 1 week until June 29, 2017 by Bagumba.
  • Page protection request for Richard Codey. Temporary semi-protection for 1 week until August 5, 2017 by AustralianRupert.
  • Page protection request for Baltimore Ravens. Temporary semi-protection for 1 month until January 4, 2018 by Muboshgu.
  • Page protection request for Nationwide Arena. Semi-protected for a period of 3 days by CambridgeBayWeather, Uqaqtuq (talk), Sunasuttuq April 20, 2018.
  • Page protection request for Braden Holtby. Pending-changes protected for a period of 1 month by CambridgeBayWeather, Uqaqtuq (talk), Sunasuttuq April 20, 2018.
  • Page protection request for Tampa Bay Lightning. Temporary semi-protection for one week by Fish and karate May 24, 2018.
  • Page protection request for Stanley Cup. Temporary semi-protection for 1 month by CasLiber June 8, 2018.
  • Page protection request for John Leland Atwood. Temporary semi-protection to October 2, 2018 by Ymblanter September 29, 2018.
  • Page protection request for Nine Trey Gangsters. Temporary semi-protection for 36 hours by Mifter November 22, 2018.
  • Page protection request for Grimsby Secondary School. Temporary semi-protected until March 7 by Lectonar March 4, 2019.
My Barnstars, Awards, etc.; Barnstars given to others

Moved to User:Donner60/Barnstars

One-minute mistaken block

I have no blocks except for the 1-minute (49-second as shown on X-tools as of November 2017) block by mistake described in talk page items shown below. Especially as long as this is the only instance in which it even appears at initial glance (as on the contributions page if one does not click on the link) that I had a block, and despite the triviality of this, I thought I would note my clean record to date by keeping the user boxes above and the following discussion about the mistaken block on this page. This is evident if one clicks on the block log; it also is explained below.

This may seem trivial but it is a matter of personal pride to have a clean block log as long as it exists. One is obviously excluded from certain considerations or lists if a bot or search turns up a block, even a very brief, mistaken one. I was pleased to see in November 2017 that the edit count page showed my "1 block" as 49 seconds rather than 31 hours. Anyone who sees that will now know that a block of such short duration must have been a mistake. While it does not entirely remove the problem that the "block" might still turn up and be counted despite the mistake, as it is in Enterprisey's tool (Asynchronous Admin Score), it is at least a positive that the "block" is now more accurately shown on the XTools page.

Although I have removed the old comments on the effect this had on my "admin score," it appears that the automated score on the Asynchronous Admin Score tool still takes a "block", even an old and mistaken one, into account. Also, this mistaken block probably was the only item that prevented my appearance on the list of editors who might be considered for RfA nominations. It happened several years ago and probably does not matter much but it seems like an undeserved scarlet letter that one must continue to live with. Donner60 (talk) 06:34, 29 May 2018 (UTC)


Sorry, misclicked and blocked you by mistake. Obviously you're not a vandal. Trout me as you wish. DMacks (talk) 02:38, 4 June 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for reverting the block. I was on anti-vandalism patrol and was shocked by the message. I assumed that somehow there had been a mixup between me and someone whom I had been warning. I have never been blocked. Will this show up as a block on my record and, if so, can that be removed? Thanks. Donner60 (talk) 02:44, 4 June 2013 (UTC)
(copied from my talkpage) It is in your block record, along with the one-minute-later unblock with my note "crap, wrong button.sorry!". There is a way to hide blocklog entries, but I was advised by several other admins that this would not be a legit case for using that mechanism. The block/unblock cycle would still be there, just with less detail, whereas now it's very clear that you did not do anything wrong and that the block was a mistake). DMacks (talk) 02:52, 4 June 2013 (UTC)
Thanks for the explanation. This talk page item now also shows the mistake. Donner60 (talk) 03:02, 4 June 2013 (UTC)
RfA/RfB Participation

I started to participate in RfA and RfB !voting and comments in September 2013, more than three years from the date I started editing. I have read all of the RfA pages from 2010 to the date shown below. Of course, I have read many of these pages after the RfAs were closed. These included the RfAs which ended before I began to participate, those which have been snow closed and some which I have missed for various reasons. In a few cases, I simply could not decide whether to support or oppose. At times I have not checked the RfA page often enough or intended to revisit an RfA that I wanted to consider further and missed the expiration of the RfA period. I have missed some RFAs due to illness, concentration on reading, research and writing, illness, vacation (holiday) or being busy in real life. In summary, most of the RfAs in which I did not participate after September 2013, I simply missed altogether.

I !voted neutral on a few of the earlier RfAs in which I have participated when I wanted to lend encouragement to a candidate whose RfA appeared bound to fail or I wanted to make a comment. I now think neutral !votes are not often very useful so I will rarely post one. I have opposed a small number of the RfAs in which I have !voted. I do not like to add pile-on opposes. If I see an RfA that appears certain to fail after waiting to see other comments and !votes, I will not add an oppose. I may add a support to such RfAs, rather than a neutral, even if I see the RfA late and the opposition is prevailing. In a case where I think the RfA should pass even though it appears it will not, I wll add a support. Occasionally, I also may think there may be enough time and good reasons for a late surge of support to put the RfA into the successful or cratchat range. I do !vote early when I know or can easily check a candidate's demeanor and body of work and am convinced I should support.

I have rarely, if ever, changed an !vote. In cases where new information might have persuaded me to change an !vote, that new information will usually quickly swing the percentage to a different result and make a change in my !vote superfluous or unnecessary - more like a pile-on. There have been a very few RfAs where it became obvious to me that the rationale for my !vote was probably incorrect and I should have !voted the other way or abstained. These were probably in cases where information came to light after I !voted but about which I did not become aware during the duration of the RfA or before the result became a foregone conclusion.

A main consideration for me in deciding whether to support an RfA is the demeanor and attitude of the candidate in dealing with others. I also consider whether the candidate's work overall shows that the candidate is trustworthy, competent and would likely use the tools carefuly. I don't expect a candidate to have never made a mistake. It seems that opposition is some times based on a few actions or incidents, often well in the past and some times out of context, which are not representative of the candidates whole body of work and interactions. Otherwise, I have seen enough variation in good candidacies that I have not set out a number of strict minimum criteria which I expect to be met in every case. Of course, more than a little experience over a short period of time is needed to give some indication of a candidate's abilities, competencies, demeanor, interactions and trustworthiness.

As of October 20, 2020:
RfAs Supported: (141)
• Rcsprinter123_2 • Anna_Frodesiak • Kelapstick_2 • Singularity42 • Anne_Delong • Kevin_Gorman • SuperMarioMan • Callanecc
• Little_Mountain_5 • TCN7JM • Cerebellum • Lugia2453 • TLSuda • Cindamuse (R.I.P.) • MER-C_3 • Fourthords • Mattythewhite_2
• Trappist_the_monk • FreeRangeFrog • Grandiose • Mentoz86 • Yaris678 • Hahc21_3 • MusikAnimal • Zad68 • Randykitty • Acather96
• Trevj • Go Phightins! • Deor • StringTheory11 • Solarra • Mkativerata • Philg88 • Dodger67 • GamerPro64 • Jackmcbarn
• I JethroBT • Northamerica1000 • Thomas.W • Samwalton9 • Sarahj2107 • Titodutta • MelanieN • SarekOfVulcan 4 • Fenix down
• EuroCarGT • Jakec • Opabinia regalis 2 • Ritchie333 • Abecedare 2 • NeilN • Ser Amantio di Nicolao • Mdann52 3
• Rich Farmbrough 2 • Ceradon • Cyberpower678 • Cyphoidbomb • Liz • Cyclonebiskit • Ceradon 2 • Wbm1058 • Ian.thomson
• Thine Antique Pen • Yamaguchi先生 • Biblioworm • Vanjagenije • BethNaught • 78.26 • Hawkeye7 2 • Peacemaker67 • Brianhe • Widr
• Amakuru • Maile66 • AustralianRupert • Tavix • Jo-Jo Eumerus • BU Rob13 • Oshwah (2) • Vananmonde93 • Rehman • RickInBaltimore
• Samtar • Godsy • Boson • Ad Orientem • Ivanvector • NinjaRobotPirate • Schwede66 • K6ka • Onel5969 • Ealdgyth • Cyberpower678 2
• Ferret • Mz7 • Primefac 2 • Dodger67 2 • Clpo13 • ONUnicorn • Anarchyte 2 • GeneralizationsAreBad 2 • Cullen328 • Ansh666 • Joe Roe
• Muboshgu • Harrias 2 • 331dot • Cordless Larry • Pbsouthwood • The Sand Doctor • Sro23 • JBHunley • Philafrenzy • L235
• Justlettersandnumbers • Sir Sputnik • JJMC89 • Enterprisey 2 • Evad37 • HickoryOughtShirt?4 • Valereee • Kosack • Floquenbeam 2
• (Sorry to have missed Bradv and Chetsford between Floquenbeam and Izno) • Izno • Hawkeye7 3 • Barkeep49 • Nosebagbear • GermanJoe
• ToBeFree • Dreamy Jazz • Nick Moyes • Cabayi • Lee Vilenski • Cwmhiraeth 2 • Creffett • Ajpolino • Jackmcbarn2 • LuK3 2
• John M Wolfson

Neutral: (8)
• Mdann52 • Incnis_Mrsi • Armbrust • Cadillac000 • Voidxor
• APerson (later supported as Enterprisey 2) • Paine Ellsworth • Pvtmoutside

Opposed: (6)
• Jinkinson • TheAustinMan_2 • Arumpostasest • Everymorning • Primefac • Wikimayor

RfBs Supported: (9)
• Acalamari_2 • Worm_That_Turned • Writ_Keeper • Xaosflux • DeltaQuad • Primefac
• Silk Tork • WereSpielChequers • Jo-Jo Eumerus

Neutral: • none

Opposed: • none

References added to articles with an unreferenced template or no references but no template

Because I noticed that there is a drive this month (January 2016) to add references to unreferenced articles, I decided to add references to some of these articles and to make a list of them. Although I am reasonably sure that I have added references/citations to a few unreferenced articles in the past, I did not keep track of them. As far as I know it would be very difficult and time-consuming to find these (few) articles now, even if I made a note describing the edit in the edit summaries. So I start the list from this date. Donner60 (talk) 09:36, 19 January 2016 (UTC)

See Category:Articles lacking sources for current list of unreferenced articles. Donner60 (talk) 06:32, 26 November 2016 (UTC)

• 18 January 2016 Transkeian honours system • 18 January 2016 Cedar Island, North Carolina • 18 January 2016 Thermopause ‎• 18 January 2016 Barnaby Woods
• 18 January 2016 Tagbu people • 18 January 2016 William Neil McKechnie ‎• 18 January 2016 Accoutrements • 21 January 2016 Battle of Bolivar Heights • 25 March 2016 Cyzicus (mythology)
• 2 May 2016 Johnson K. Duncan • 22 May 2016 Cottonwood Canyon (Utah) • 22 May 2016 Deacon's Hill • 22 May 2016 Glacier Gardens • 22 May 2016 Vladimír Zoubek
• 5 December 2016 Acid brick• 5 December 2016 Battle of Antivari •11 June 2018 John E. Phelps • 22 June 2018 Aaron Fletcher Stevens

Removed unreferenced template because references present • 18 January 2016 Savoy Estate (infobox items referenced; stub article)

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