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About me[edit]

It is my hope to contribute to WP primarily as a copy-editor. The site is gaining value as a research tool, yet there is still work to do (e.g., edits for readability, spelling, and accuracy). I am an avid reader and writer. I have been an educator in some form all of my working life. I have two degrees, B.A. from Utah and M.A. from Stanford. I serve as a technical reviewer for a quarterly professional magazine. I have diverse interests including: humanities, education, music, art, history, languages, science, nature, theology, psychology and human development, etc... Any suggestions or edits that I make will always be minor and attempt to maintain the tone and meaning the author intended for the article. Currently, I am pretty busy but utilize WP frequently and at times lend some support editing WP. I would like to help make WP a respected and valuable online resource for information.


I would be happy to copyedit your article or just give you feedback, all you need to do is ask. Examples of some of the WP edits I have performed (mostly minor) can be seen below.

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Warm regards to all WP users,
Jemusser 22:12, 12 August 2007 (UTC)