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HMS Hood (51) - March 17, 1924.jpg
The British battlecruiser HMS Hood, 17 March 1924
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Greetings, reader! I edit here, mostly improving ship articles, and occasionally reverting vandalism, although I am less active than I used to be due to lack of time.

I registered my account in November 2017, and did what almost every well-meaning Wiki-noob does: attempt to write an article. Needless to say, my first draft was an unreferenced, promotional, copyright violation. Thanks to some help from fellow editors at AfC who did not immediately CSD my draft and block me as a spammer, I managed to add references, and attribute the text to the site I had taken it from.

Next, I found out about vandalism, and reverting it. I thought it was fun, and after a couple weeks I was racking up ~100 EPD with huggle. After a couple months, though, I found that I would be more efficient if I were an administrator. So I went over to WP:RFA, took a look, and found out that I wasn't going to become one anytime soon. One of the unofficial "prerequisites" was to have done some content creation, so I went around, trying to figure out what I could write about. I ended up on WP:Requested articles, and I translated two stubs from the French Wikipedia.

Around that time, I was invited to Wikiproject Military History (or MILHIST) and I enthusiastically joined. I found that a lot of articles about French submarines were missing, so I translated two during an article writing contest at MILHIST, along with a requested article from German. I continued writing articles sporadically, until October 2018 when I started mass creating article on French submarines, mostly start or C class. I created over 40 articles, some of which attained B-class. Around that time, I also started nominating my articles for DYK. Some time later, I discovered, a website that gives very detailed information about the careers of submarines during World War II. I found that it was a great way to produce Good Articles, so I wrote a dozen GAs on British S-class submarines, as well as a German one.

In January 2019, the article I translated from German in April 2018, German torpedo boat Albatros, passed MILHIST A-class review, thanks to a ton of help from Sturmvogel 66, one of the greatest content creators there. At the end of April 2019, the article passed FAC on my second attempt, thanks again to a lot of help from Sturm. I nominated another article I had worked up to GA status, 1974 White House helicopter incident, for A-class review in December 2019; it passed in February 2020, and I then nominated it for FA. It was promoted in March.

Nowdays, I continue occasionally writing a GA or two, and sometimes I revert vandalism. When bored, I will review AfC submissions and patrol new pages. Occasionally, I also do gnomish work too, fixing grammar, adding refs and stuff like that. I do appreciate constructive feedback, especially if I make a mistake, so you are most welcome to visit my talk page.

I have also met two vandals in real life, and hit the MediaWiki rate limit three times. (The MediaWiki rate limit blocks you from making more than 90 edits per minute, and I didn't do it with AutoWikiBrowser, Huggle, or mass rollback.)

I am not as active as I used to be here, so please be patient if I take some time to respond to queries.

Articles created
'Did you know?'s
  • Did You Know?... that the French submarine Fulton (pictured) was named after Robert Fulton, the American inventor of the first commercially successful steamboat?
  • Did You Know?... that Aigrette, the first diesel-engine submarine to be launched, had a hydrogen leak and explosion in its battery?
  • Did You Know?... that the French submarine X was the first submarine to use twin shafts?
  • Did You Know?... that the French submarine Regnault, built to fight in the First World War, was named after an 19th-century chemist?
  • Did You Know?... that the Soviet Union seized the Romanian destroyer Regina Maria and commissioned it into their navy despite Romania having switched sides to join the Allies?
  • Did You Know?... that after the French-built Japanese submarine No. 14 was requisitioned by France and commissioned into its navy as Armide, the Japanese built their own No. 14 to the same design?
Morse in 1939
Morse in 1939
Sposobny in the Sea of Japan, 1982
Sposobny in 1982
  • Did You Know?... that the Soviet destroyer Sposobny (pictured) was designed to survive a nuclear explosion?
  • Did You Know?... that when HMS Safari attacked barges at Ras Ali, Libya, the torpedo passed underneath, damaging a mole and killing five men?
  • Did You Know?... that a Sportsman sank twelve Axis ships during World War II?
  • Did You Know?... that the British submarine HMS P222 was ordered to escort an Allied convoy to Malta on the surface, with the intent that it would be spotted by enemy aircraft?
HMS Sickle
HMS Sickle
  • Did You Know?... that after sailors from HMS Sickle (pictured) boarded a small enemy ship, they brought 1,000 oranges and lemons from the ship's cargo back to their submarine?
  • Did You Know?... that HMS Saracen was sunk during her 13th patrol shortly after midnight of a Friday the 13th?
  • Did You Know?... that the British submarine HMS Syrtis twice towed X-class midget submarines, and on both occasions the submarines sank while under tow?
HMS Simoom
HMS Simoom
  • Did You Know?... that all 15 torpedoes fired by HMS Simoom (pictured) during her career missed their targets, but 3 hit and sank a destroyer instead?
  • Did You Know?... that HMS Stonehenge disappeared with all hands in the Indian Ocean in 1944, and her exact location is still unknown?
  • Did You Know?... that the British submarine HMS Stratagem sank only one ship in its 13-month-long career—only three days before it was itself sunk?
  • Did You Know?... that HMS Splendid attacked a heavy German merchant ship, but instead sank an Italian destroyer?
  • Did You Know?... that in 1974, a United States Army private first class stole a helicopter and landed it on the White House lawn?
  • Did You Know?... that British submarine HMS Sceptre towed an X-class midget submarine tasked with attacking German battleships off Norway?
  • Did You Know?... that in 1941, two German POWs escaped from their British prison camp and stole a plane from an RAF base to try to reach the continent?
Current projects

Third group S-class submarines[edit]

50 articles
Non-article page Third group British S-class submarines
HMS Stonehenge.jpg
Good article HMS Safari
Good article HMS Sahib
Good article HMS Saracen
Start-Class article HMS Satyr
Good article HMS Sceptre
Good article HMS Seadog
Start-Class article HMS Sibyl
Start-Class article HMS Sea Rover
Start-Class article HMS Seraph
Start-Class article HMS Shakespeare
Good article HMS P222
Good article HMS Sea Nymph
Good article HMS Sickle
Good article HMS Simoom
Start-Class article HMS Sirdar
Start-Class article HMS Spiteful
Good article HMS Splendid
Good article HMS Sportsman
Start-Class article HMS Stoic
Good article HMS Stonehenge
Start-Class article HMS Storm
Good article HMS Stratagem
Start-Class article HMS Strongbow
Start-Class article HMS Spark
Start-Class article HMS Scythian
Start-Class article HMS Stubborn
Start-Class article HMS Surf
Good article HMS Syrtis
Start-Class article HMS Shalimar
B-Class article HMS Scotsman
Start-Class article HMS Sea Devil
Start-Class article HMS Spirit
Start-Class article HMS Statesman
Start-Class article HMS Sturdy
Start-Class article HMS Stygian
Start-Class article HMS Subtle
Start-Class article HMS Supreme
Start-Class article HMS Sea Scout
Start-Class article HMS Selene
Start-Class article HMS Seneschal
Start-Class article HMS Sentinel
Start-Class article HMS Sidon
Start-Class article HMS Sleuth
Start-Class article HMS Solent
Start-Class article HMS Spearhead
Start-Class article HMS Springer
Start-Class article HMS Saga
Start-Class article HMS Scorcher
Start-Class article HMS Spur
Start-Class article HMS Sanguine
Good Articles or higher: 28% complete

German torpedo boats of World War II[edit]

57 articles
C-Class article German torpedo boats of World War II
B-Class article Type 23 torpedo boat
Featured article Albatros
B-Class article Falke
B-Class article Greif
B-Class article Kondor
B-Class article Möwe
B-Class article Seeadler
B-Class article Type 24 torpedo boat
B-Class article Iltis
B-Class article Jaguar
B-Class article Leopard
B-Class article Luchs
B-Class article Tiger
B-Class article Wolf
B-Class article Type 35 torpedo boat
B-Class article T1
B-Class article T2
B-Class article T3
B-Class article T4
B-Class article T5
B-Class article T6
B-Class article T7
B-Class article T8
B-Class article T9
B-Class article T10
B-Class article T11
B-Class article T12
B-Class article Type 37 torpedo boat
B-Class article T13
B-Class article T14
B-Class article T15
B-Class article T16
B-Class article T17
B-Class article T18
B-Class article T19
B-Class article T20
B-Class article T21
B-Class article Type 39 torpedo boat
Good article T22
Good article T23
Good article T24
B-Class article T25
B-Class article T26
B-Class article T27
B-Class article T28
B-Class article T29
B-Class article T30
B-Class article T31
B-Class article T32
B-Class article T33
B-Class article T34
B-Class article T35
B-Class article T36
Good article Type 40 torpedo boat
Good article Type 41 torpedo boat
Good article Type 44 torpedo boat
Good Articles or higher: 12.3% complete
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