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Most of the work of this account is done by a combination of non-production versions of the above, and the results obtained from the production version may vary. I also frequently make manual tweaks in the course of my script runs.

My philosophy[edit]

The various scripts work mainly on applying various provisions of WP:Manual of Style.

Strange though it may seem, I actually quite dislike ENGVAR and other rules that institutionalise or tolerate too many competing styles and formats. Wikipedia ought to determine what's right for it and its readers, and try not to borrow styles from various different sources just because they exist. We need to adopt a single überstyle that embrace greater commonality. I find tolerance of competing styles and language variants is terribly divisive because we dig a metaphorical cultural trench to replace a large geographical feature, creating many "wikighettoes" that may frighten and intimidate editors of another nationality. I would love for styles to be unified, but I just work with what we have.

Although I would prefer British and dmy, and have chosen to first attack dmy articles for reasons of productivity, I would be happy to apply my work to chasing US spelling and mdy dates should WP decide that's the way it has to be.

Aligning dates, even by script, is donkey work. What I find infinitely more enjoyable and rewarding is the writing of the script which I and others can use, but I cannot develop without being the prime user. Therefore, I welcome comments, criticism and bug reports that all contribute to the improvement of the script and therefore the 'pedia as a whole.

Life would be a lot simpler with monoformats because we wouldn't have to do this manually – bots could be let loose to work on the 'pedia.

It's only a digression. I know WP is editor-driven and readers take second place; format unification isn't going to happen any time soon.

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