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Pen namePacker1028
Nationalityis a social construct
CitizenshipI like to think of myself as a citizen of the world
EducationI've had some
PeriodFrom now until I stop or die
GenreWikipedia editing
SubjectImproper style, poor grammar, typos, etc.
Notable awardsI like to get satisfaction out of my work, and not focus on achievements, but if I won a million dollars...
Years active2012–present
SpouseNone yet
ChildrenI don't (think I) have any
RelativesWe've all got 'em

Packer1028 is a Wikipedian who has been actively editing since 2012, with a focus on cleaning up Wikipedia pages through improvements in grammar, diction, title display (e.g., italicizing book and film titles, putting "quotes" around short story and song titles), and others which fall under the same category. This user seeks to help Wikipedia live up to its full potential by making sure its standards are followed, and pages are presented in the best style possible, out of a genuine love for the website and its mission to disseminate knowledge.

Packer1028 also likes to speak in the third person when talking about myself. Thanks for visiting my page!