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Hiya, I'm a 15-year Wikipedia editor with more than 320 DYKs. I speak and write Spanish pretty well and have done copyediting and article writing based on Spanish sources.

Major works[edit]


Since 2014, I have produced more than 320 articles that have appeared at Did You Know?, mostly on broadcasting stations and Mexican politicians. This puts me within the top 50 most prolific contributors to DYK.

Good Articles[edit]

As of July 2020, I currently have three Good Articles.

Other large projects[edit]

Aside from my DYKs, I maintain articles on broadcasting topics in Mexico, including List of television stations in Mexico and its dependent state lists, which were dramatically rearchitectured in 2016. I also produce short descriptions.

Some of my personal favorites[edit]

  • Windsor Park Mall — one of my first DYKs, about a mall that found very new life
  • LaMia — extensive work in the wake of the Chapecoense air disaster
  • KIKX (Arizona) — the station that lost its license because of a hoax
  • Coatzacoalcos Underwater Tunnel — the "monument to corruption" that took 13 years to complete
  • KARW (Texas) — from /r/todayilearned to DYK
  • KTTL — it's a wonder this station had been forgotten!
  • WSWO-TV — the owner who rebuilt his TV station using stolen equipment
  • CFVO-TV — Canada's TV cooperative
  • Programadora — a gateway to the complicated world of Colombian television's old "mixed system"
  • KVDO-TV — this station had it all in terms of controversy

Useful pages[edit]

  • /One or Two — essay on when multiple articles may cover one license, or when multiple licenses may be covered in one article, in broadcasting topics
  • /Radio naming — essay on radio and television article naming in the US and Canada