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  1. Hsiao Li Lindsay, Baroness Lindsay of Birker
  2. Maude Stanley
  3. Katharine Russell, Viscountess Amberley
  4. Rosalind Howard, Countess of Carlisle
  5. Henrietta Stanley, Baroness Stanley of Alderley
  6. Lady Henry Somerset
  7. Kathleen Simon, Viscountess Simon
  8. Marian Cripps, Baroness Parmoor
  9. Catherine Courtney, Baroness Courtney of Penwith
  10. Alice Vickery

Peerage and nobility[edit]

  1. Charlotte Percy, Duchess of Northumberland
  2. Mary Howard, Duchess of Norfolk (d. 1773)
  3. Gladys Spencer-Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough
  4. Constance Lewes
  5. Lord William Hamilton
  6. William Vane, 2nd Viscount Vane
  7. John Russell, Viscount Amberley
  8. Anne St. Leger
  9. Frances Vane, Viscountess Vane
  10. Eleanor Manners, Countess of Rutland
  11. Robert Hathaway
  12. John Michael Beaumont
  13. Frederic, Count of Luna
  14. Lady Mary Fox
  15. William Frederick Collings
  16. Penelope Lyttelton, Viscountess Cobham
  17. Alice Dudley, Duchess of Dudley
  18. Diana Russell, Duchess of Bedford
  19. Sibyl Hathaway
  20. Marie Collings
  21. William Thomas Collings


  1. Maria Leopoldine of Austria
  2. Blanche of Burgundy
  3. Blanche of France (nun)
  4. Beatrice of Falkenburg
  5. Teresa Gil de Vidaure
  6. Line of succession to the Liechtensteiner throne
  7. Bertha of Holland
  8. Prince Eugen, Duke of Närke
  9. Archduke Alexander Leopold of Austria
  10. Marie Fox
  11. Privilege of Buda
  12. Union of Hungary and Poland
  13. Hussein bin Abdullah, Crown Prince of Jordan
  14. Wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Christopher O'Neill
  15. Irina Aleksandrovna Ovtchinnikova
  16. Prince Leopold Clement of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  17. Prince Peter of Greece and Denmark
  18. Child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
  19. Maria-Pia Kothbauer
  20. Prince Stefan of Liechtenstein
  21. Style of the Dutch sovereign
  22. Marquis of Veere and Flushing
  23. Alfonso de Bourbon
  24. Royal touch
  25. Stephen Thomas of Bosnia
  26. Tvrtko II of Bosnia
  27. Philip of Majorca


  1. Louise Howard
  2. Gabrielle Howard
  3. Neal Evenhuis
  4. Ernest Gibbins
  5. Henrietta Clive, Countess of Powis
  6. Tyrannasorus rex
  7. Carmenelectra
  8. Aptostichus angelinajolieae
  9. Aptostichus bonoi


  1. Gimnazija Mostar
  2. Trial of Thomas Hogg
  3. Eva Brunne
  4. Kelly bag
  5. Travolta dress
  6. Victor Edelstein
  7. Islam and cats
  8. Franz Joseph Bridge
  9. Saint Mary's Church, Jajce
  10. Church of Saint Anthony of Padua, Sarajevo