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IndustrySocial Media, Direct-to-fan
Founded2014 in United Kingdom
FounderKevin Brown
HeadquartersKent, United Kingdom

GigRev, also titled Gig Revolution Ltd, is a digital platform which connects music artists with their fans, and has headquarters located in Kent, United Kingdom.[1] The platform is targeted at the music artists themselves, offering them a private social media platform for which they can run and manage their own digital fan club.[2]


The creators of the platform state that they established the platform with the view to allow artists to connect with their audience without the need to “boost their post on Facebook each time they want to reach more than their current organic reach”.[3] They also want to help to return more revenues back to the artists themselves by giving them greater control over their own marketing channels.[4]

GigRev has an app available for Android and iOS, allowing users exclusive content through this app, as well as artists the chance to live stream, upload photos, sell merchandise, release songs and provide information for upcoming gigs.[5] GigRev also offers a subscription-based service and plan to move into other industries outside of music.[6]


GigRev was founded in 2014 in the United Kingdom by Kevin Brown, who remains as CEO.[2] Kevin, who previously founded Affiliate Window, which he sold to Axel Springer with revenues of over £110 million, has had extensive experience within the music industry.[2][4] He previously managed The Australian Pink Floyd Show, who have sold millions of tickets worldwide.[7] Digital Window, the parent company to Affiliate Window, received one of the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies Awards in 2009.[8] Kevin is now supported by Kostas Melas, the CTO, Stephen Furner, the CFO and an advisory board, with experience in the media industry between the team.[7] GigRev launched their new website in 2016.[5][9]


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