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:: Tiggerjay

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I have a very blessed life! When not participating in Wikipedia, I work in Business Development. Due to the specific nature of my work, activity on Wikipedia comes in spurts, with various wikibreaks from 2-6 months at a time. If you don't hear back from me right away, don't worry, I'll get back to you shortly. But be careful vandals, I have several people watching my pages while I'm away, so don't be silly.

:: What I do at Wikipedia

I go through various editing spurts on Wikipedia brought on through all sorts of life changes that one usually goes through mid-life. My most recent event with brought me back to Wikipedia was building a new company intranet using Mediawiki. And I'm glad to be back. In my earlier years I contributed a lot to counter-vandalism but that really can cast a pessimistic view of other editors. More recently I have been focusing on what I consider more positive and constructive efforts including the HELPDESK and RM. I dip back into COIN from time to time as well, plus respond to RfC. Due to dyslexia I don't tend to author much direct content on wiki, but I do help cleanup articles especially in the form of formatting or style, as well as help with COI and HD requests for article edits.

I'd love to help you in away way I can. I am a member of the Account Creator, Rollback and Reviewing groups. If I don't know the answer, I can probably find someone who can. Oh, and virtually everything I learned about Wikipeida was the hard way...

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