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In May of 2014 I suspect it was, you wrote that you would be adding info about cross-cultural similarities and differences in prosocial behavior in a few weeks. It was on the Talk page of Prosocial_behavior. I looked at the history of the page, but I didn't see your username in the 2014 section. Did you ever update this page with that info? I am very curious to read about your knowledge of cross-cultural differences in prosocial behavior, altruism, affective empathy, etc. Xandiar October 2016 Xandiar (talk) 05:33, 26 October 2016 (UTC)

Xandiar Thanks for the interest, and I would still like to make this contribution. I am the instructor of a course that is working with Wikipedia this academic semester. Perhaps I can find the time to make a contribution soon. Please check back, and thanks again. Drewdeecopp (talk) 13:37, 26 October 2016 (UTC)