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State Route 92 marker

State Route 92
Timpanogos Highway
Route information
Defined by Utah Code §72-4-115
Maintained by UDOT
Length27.296 mi[2] (43.929 km)
Existed1935 as SR-80; renumbered in 1977–present
RestrictionsClosed in winter from mile 14 to 22.5[1]
Major junctions
West end I-15 / US-89 in Lehi
  SR-74 in Highland
SR-129 in Highland
SR-144 in the Uinta National Forest
East end US-189 in Provo Canyon
Highway system
  • State highways in Utah

State Route 92 (SR-92), also known in various portions as the Timpanogos Highway,[3] and Alpine Loop Scenic Highway is a scenic state highway in Utah County, Utah that runs from I-15/US-89 in Lehi to US-189 in Provo Canyon. The route is 27.296 miles (43.929 km) long and is the only road with access to Sundance Ski Resort and the Aspen Grove Family Camp and Conference Center.

Route description[edit]

The route begins at Ashton Boulevard in northwest Lehi. From its western terminus it heads east through Highland, and up American Fork Canyon, where it enters the Uinta National Forest. Shortly after entering the canyon, it passes the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, a famous group of caves buried in the side of the canyon. The route continues up the canyon, but, just before leaving the canyon, it has it junction with the southern end of Utah State Route 144, which heads further north up American Fork Canyon to Tibble Fork Reservoir. SR-92 then bends to the south (with a short bend that extends briefly into Wasatch County) to connect with the west end of the Cascade Scenic Byway (Forest Road 114). After passing the east side of Mount Timpanogos and then the Sundance Resort, the road links up with US-189 in Provo Canyon at Wildwood, just west of the Utah-Wasatch county line and east of the Provo Canyon Tunnels.[4]

The portion of SR-92 west of the intersection with Canyon Road (former SR-146) is included in the National Highway System.[5]


UT 92 Scenic Biway marker

The state legislature created State Route 80 in 1935, connecting SR-1 (US-91, now I-15/US-89) near Point of the Mountain with SR-74 south of Alpine.[6] An extension in 1941 took SR-80 east to the Uinta National Forest boundary in American Fork Canyon, replacing a short piece of SR-146 (created in 1933[7]) from SR-74 to the mouth of the canyon.[8] At the other end of the highway, State Route 168 was built in 1933 as a forest road[9] and numbered in 1935, connecting SR-7 (US-189) with Aspen Grove.[10] SR-80 was extended through the forest to SR-7, absorbing SR-168, in 1953. Because the number 80 was needed for I-80, SR-80 was renumbered SR-92 in the 1977 renumbering.[11]

Commuter lanes[edit]

The Timpanogos Highway Commuter Lanes, built from May 2009 to October 2011, are a 3.6-mile (5.8 km) grade-separated parallel road of Timpanogos Highway in Lehi with one lane in each direction to bypass signal-controlled intersections.[12][13] The west ramp of the commuter lane is next to the Interstate 15 intersection near North Frontage Road, the east ramp is between Highland Boulevard and North Tamarack Drive.[14] The estimated costs were $170 million.[15]

Major intersections[edit]

A view of Mount Timpanogos from the Alpine Loop, October 2004
Mount Timpanogos and "Timp Glacier", August 2011
UtahLehi0.0000.000Ashton BoulevardWestern terminus
Road continues west as Club House Drive
I-15 / US-89 – Provo, Salt Lake CityThe 7th diverging diamond interchange in the United States and the 2nd in Utah[16]
0.5920.953West ramp onto eastbound commuter lane
1.0171.637West ramp from westbound commuter lane
3.1225.024East ramp from eastbound commuter lane
Highland4.0416.503East ramp onto westbound commuter lane
5.8309.382 SR-74 (Alpine Highway) – Alpine, American Fork
6.44710.375 SR-129 (North County Boulevard) – American Fork, Pleasant Grove, Lindon
Cedar HillsHighland line7.58312.204Canyon Road - Pleasant GroveFormer SR-146
American Fork Canyon10.204–
Timpanogos Cave National Monument Visitor's Center
12.67520.398 SR-144 north – Tibble Fork Reservoir
No major junctions
Utah18.82930.302Forest Road 114 east (Cascade Scenic Drive) - Cascade Springs
Wildwood27.29643.929 US-189 – Provo, Heber CityEastern terminus, in Provo Canyon near Wasatch County line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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