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The Ventura County Historic Landmarks & Points of Interest consist of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods designated by Ventura County, California, Cultural Heritage Board as historic landmarks and points of interest.[1]

The County began its landmark program in August 1968 with its designation of two sites: the Faulkner House (VCHL No. 1) in Santa Paula; and the Edwards Adobe in Saticoy (VCHL No. 2).[1]

The cities with the greatest concentrations of designated landmarks and points of interest are Santa Paula (31 landmarks) and Simi Valley (28 landmarks, 1 point of interest), Oxnard (24 landmarks, 3 points of interest), Fillmore (16 landmarks, 1 point of interest), Port Huememe (13 landmarks, 2 points of interest), Ojai (13 landmarks), Thousand Oaks (9 landmarks), Piru (7 landmarks), and Saticoy (6 landmarks, 1 point of interest). The City of Ventura has its own system of 111 city-designated historical landmarks. See City of Ventura Historic Landmarks and Districts.

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Ventura County Historic Landmarks[edit]

VCHL No. Name Image Address City Date listed Description
1 Faulkner House G W FAULKNER HOUSE.jpg 14292 West Telegraph Rd.
34°19′36″N 119°06′25″W / 34.326686°N 119.107079°W / 34.326686; -119.107079 (Faulkner House)
Santa Paula 8/68 Queen Anne style farmhouse with three-story octagonal tower built 1894; also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991; now operated as the Hansen Trust Agricultural Learning Center[2]
2 Edwards Adobe West of Edwards Ranch Road
34°18′40″N 119°08′00″W / 34.311209°N 119.133407°W / 34.311209; -119.133407 (Edwards Adobe)
Saticoy 8/68
Two-story house built in 1860 for William Dewey Hobson; it combines Mexican and "Yankee clapboard" styles; designation revoked in 1977, then restored in 1990[3]
3 Row of eucalyptus trees Highway 101, east of Lewis Road Camarillo A row of 1,000 eucalyptus trees planted in 1892 for Don Adolfo Camarillo's ranch[4]
4 Cook Mansion 829 North Park Street
34°25′05″N 118°47′42″W / 34.418141°N 118.795122°W / 34.418141; -118.795122 (Cook Mansion)
Piru 1/69 Queen Anne style mansion built in 1886, destroyed by fire in 1981 and then rebuilt in 1983; also known as the Newhall Mansion and the Piru Mansion[5]
5 Rancho Arnaz Adobe 9504 North Ventura Avenue
34°24′31″N 119°17′49″W / 34.408578°N 119.296843°W / 34.408578; -119.296843 (Rancho Arnaz Adobe)
Oak View 1/69 Built in 1863, it was the home of Don Jose Arnaz who leased and then purchased the 50,000-acre Mission San Buenaventura property from the Mexican government; also known as the Stage Route Half-Way House; it is the oldest continuously-occupied residence in the county[6]
6 Simi Adobe–Strathearn House 137 Strathearn Place
34°16′28″N 118°48′05″W / 34.274435°N 118.801291°W / 34.274435; -118.801291 (Simi Adobe–Strathearn House)
Simi Valley 1/69 Built in 1810, also known as the de la Guerra Adobe; part of the Strathearn Historical Park; also designated as California Historical Landmark No. 979 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978[7]
7 Sanchez Adobe 2317 Los Angeles Avenue Saticoy 4/69 Built with one story in 1838, second story added c. 1900 [not found at designated location; moved?]
8 Don Adolfo Camarillo House Camarillo Ranch House.jpg 201 Camarillo Ranch Rd. Camarillo 4/69 Built in 1893
9 Santa Clara Schoolhouse 20030 Telegraph Rd. Santa Paula 4/69 Colonial style one-room schoolhouse with high tower, built 1896-97, also known as Little Red Schoolhouse[8]
10 Tapo Adobe Ruins 4651 Tapo Canyon Rd.
34°19′24″N 118°42′37″W / 34.323414°N 118.710194°W / 34.323414; -118.710194 (Simi Adobe–Strathearn House)
Simi Valley 12/70 Sections of adobe walls can be seen at the Tapo Canyon Regional Park[9]
11 Santa Gertrudis Asistencia (Chapel) Monument Santa Gertrudis Asistencia (Chapel) Monument.jpg N. Ventura Ave. Ventura 12/70 The original chapel was built in 1809 and ceased operation around 1840. The site was in the path of the Ojai freeway, and the remains were moved in 1968 with several foundations stones being used to create the monument. Located 0.3 miles north of the Ventura Avenue Water Purification Plant on the east side of the road, flanked by two cypress trees that were scorched in the Thomas Fire.[10]
12 Ventura County Courthouse VenturaCountyCourthouse1 sm.jpg 501 Poli St.
34°16′56″N 119°17′35″W / 34.282352°N 119.293036°W / 34.282352; -119.293036 (Ventura County Courthouse)
Ventura 12/70 Neoclassical courthouse built in 1912, designed by Albert C. Martin Sr.; became Ventura City Hall in 1972; terra cotta exterior decorations, friars' heads, and copper-sheathed dome; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 (first site in City of Ventura to be so designated) and designated as California Historical Landmark No. 847 and Ventura City Historical Landmark No. 4
13 Oxnard Carnegie Library Carneige Art Museum 2, Oxnard.jpg 424 South C St. Oxnard 2/71 Neoclassical public library built 1906-07 with funding from Andrew Carnegie; later operated as an art museum; also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, the first site in Ventura County to receive the designation
14 Point Mugu Recreation Area/State Park Point Mugu September 2013 010.jpg Point Mugu 2/71 Archeological site with remains of a Chumash village (Satwiwa) occupied for 6,000 years until 1850; also the largest remaining grassland in California; extends from Mugu lagoon southeast to Sycamore Canyon and northeast to Potrero Road
15 Naumann Giant Gum Tree and Eucalyptus Rows East of Pleasant Valley and Etting Rds.
34°09′45″N 119°08′56″W / 34.162457°N 119.148838°W / 34.162457; -119.148838 (Naumann Eucalyptus Trees)
Oxnard 6/71 Row of eucalyptus trees planted c. 1900 stretching 1/4 mile for the Hueneme Masonic Cemetery
16 Sugar Beet Factory site Oxnard Sugar Factory, 1907.jpg North of Wooley Rd. and east of Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard 6/71 Site of second largest sugar beet factory in US, built 1898, manufactured sugar out of beets and played a central role in development of Oxnard; operated 1899-1959[11][12]
17 Oxnard Plaza Park Pagoda Fifth and C Street Oxnard 6/71 Octagonal pagoda built in 1910 for well used to irrigate the surrounding park[13][14]
18 Japanese Cemetery East of Etting and Pleasant Valley Road Oxnard 6/71 Adjacent to Masonic cemetery; markers are wooden boards with inscriptions; last burials c. 1960[15]
19 Port Hueneme Women's Improvement Club Women's Improvement Club of Hueneme.jpg 239 Scott St. Port Hueneme 11/72 Built in 1915; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989
20 Thomas R. and Mary Bard Memorial West corner of Ventura Rd. and Park Ave. Port Hueneme 11/71 Memorial to Thomas R. Bard, an oil pioneer and U.S. Senator, and his wife Mary; dedicated 1958
21 Rafael Reyes Adobe Lockwood Valley Road, 2 miles east of Highway 33 at Reyes Creek Lockwood Valley 11/71 One-story adobe house built in 1854 with wood and concrete block additions the 1920s and 1940s; fighting bulls were raised on the ranch[16]
22 St. Mary Magdalen Church Mary Magdalene Chapel.jpg 2532 Ventura Blvd. Camarillo 3/72 Spanish Neo-Classic built in 1913 as a private chapel for the Camarillo family; became a parish church in 1940; designed by Albert C. Martin Sr.[17]
23 Southern Pacific Railroad Depot Santa Paula, CA, Train Depot Art Center, 2012 - panoramio.jpg 963 E. Santa Barbara St. Santa Paula 4/72 First train depot in Ventura County, built in 1887[18]
24 Hueneme Wharf (original site) Corner of Seaview St. and Hueneme Rd. Port Hueneme 3/72 Thomas R. Bard built the county's first wharf, 900 feet long, at this location in 1871; destroyed by storm in 1938[19]
25 Matilija Hot Springs 05669-Hot Springs-1905-Matilija Hot Springs, California-Brück & Sohn Kunstverlag.jpg 788 West Hot Springs Rd. Ojai 8/72 Camp site established in 1871 in Matilija Canyon; cabins and hotel added in 1873; popular for its hot springs and for bear hunting
26 Post Office Tower and Portico Post office in Ojai, California (2).jpg SE Corner of Ojai and Signal Streets Ojai 6/75 Three-story tower with domed top covered in Spanish tile, built in 1916
27 Libbey Park Bowl Sycamore Tree 650 feet south of post office at Ojai Ave. and Signal St. Ojai Sycamore tree over 200 years old used in Chumash ceremonies
28 San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct.jpg Cañada Larga Rd. (south side), 1/4 block east of Highway 33 Ventura 1/76 Seven-mile long aqueduct built starting in 1792 to supply water to the Mission San Buenaventura and local farms; the aqueduct began at the convergence point of San Antonio Creek and the Ventura River. The section of the aqueduct in the photograph is located at 234 Cañada Larga Road (south side), 1/4 block east of Highway 33, and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places
29 Santa Susana Depot Santa Susana Depot view from southwest 2014-11-13.jpg 6503 Katherine Rd. Simi Valley 1/76 Railroad depot built in 1903 by the Southern Pacific Railroad; now houses a railroad museum
30 Stagecoach Inn Stagecoach Inn.jpg 51 South Ventu Park Road Newbury Park 5/76 Grand Union Hotel built in 1876; moved in 1965 due to freeway construtcion, destroyed by fire in 1970 and rebuilt
31 Thomas R. Bard Mansion Bard Mansion.jpg Guadalcanal St. at Bard Lane Port Hueneme Italian Mediterranean style built in 1915 for Thomas R. Bard, an oil pioneer and U.S. Senator; purchased by the U.S. Navy in the 1950s and now serves as the base officer's club at the U.S. Naval Construction Center
32 Hueneme Bank Building 220 North Market St. Port Hueneme 3/77 Built in 1925 in Neoclassical style, designed by Myron Hunt; served as Port Hueneme City Hall from 1959-1973; later operated as a historical museum
33 Josiah Keene House Josiah Keene House.jpg 41 Bell Way Ventura 7/77 Second Empire/Victorian house with steep mansard roof built in 1872; also designated as City of Ventura Historical Landmark No. 68.[20][21]
34 Foster Park Lion Entrance Markers Foster Park Lion Entrance Marker.jpg Casitas Vista Road at the east end of Foster Park Bridge Ventura 7/77 Two large sandstone lions erected 1908 at entrance to Foster Park, a county park
35 W. L. Hardison House 1226 Ojai Rd. Santa Paula 12/77 Victorian era, California eclectic farmhouse built in 1884[22][23]
36 Union Oil Company Building Union Oil Company Building.jpg 1003 E. Main St. Santa Paula 12/77 Queen Anne style office building with Italianate influences, served as the first headquarters of Union Oil Co.; now the California Oil Museum; also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986 and designated in 1991 as California Historical Landmark No. 996[24]
37 Hueneme Slough Site Surfside Dr. and Moranda Pkwy. Port Hueneme 11/77 Now operated as Moranda Park, the site was originally a slough or tidal basin that was filled in 1938 with material dredged up to build the Port Hueneme Harbor.
38 Universalist Unitarian Church Building 740 E. Main St. Santa Paula 3/78 Built in 1892 with local brick and river rock, it was designed by architects Seymour Locke and Frederick Roehrig; the oldest standing church in Santa Paula and one of the first Universalist churches on the west coast. Constructed of local brick and river rock[25][26]
39 Mill Park 736 Santa Paula/Ojai Rd. at Bedford Santa Paula 8/78 Grist mill built on the site in 1871[27]
40 Simi Library Building (original) 137 Strathearn Place Simi Valley 5/78 One-room library built in 1930; ceased operation in early 1960s and was moved in 1971 to Strathearn Historical Park
41 Haigh/Talley Colony House 137 Strathearn Place Simi Valley 5/78
42 Tapo Citrus Association Packing House Site Simi Valley
43 Hill Ranch Brick Cistern Thousand Oaks
44 Sycamore Tree near Stagecoach Inn Newbury Park
45 Pederson House and Water Tower Pederson home water tower landmark california lutheran university.jpg Thousand Oaks
46 Tanner Homestead 18492 E. Telegraph Rd. Santa Paula 8/78 Queen Anne style house built c. 1885
47 Fillmore State Bank 316 Central Ave. Fillmore 5/79 Mediterranean/Italian Renaissance brick and terra cotta building built in 1917, designed by Albert C. Martin Sr.
48 Southern Pacific Railroad Depot 447 Main St. Fillmore 5/79 Prefabricated railroad building built 1887
49 Trinity Episcopal Church Corner of Saratoga and Second Streets Fillmore 5/79 English gingerbread Craftsman style church built in 1901 in Hueneme; moved to Fillmore in 1933
50 Bardsdale Methodist Church Church in Bardsdale, outside Fillmore - panoramio.jpg 1498 Bardsdale Avenue Fillmore 4/79 Carpenter Gothic church built in 1898; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986
51 Piru Methodist Church and Organ Piru
52 Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village (3).jpg Simi Valley
53 Brandeis-Bardin Institute, House of the Book Simi Valley
54 Charles Collins Teague House (1924) McKevett Heights Rd. Santa Paula 11/79 English Tudor Revival mansion built 1923-1924[28]
55 Methodist Church (former) Moorpark
56 Bank of A. Levy Oxnard 11/79
57 Lightworks in the Hueneme Lighthouse Point Hueneme Lighthouse.jpg Port Hueneme 1980
58 Arundell Adobe Three miles up Pole Creek Canyon Fillmore 7/80 Built in 1885 for proximity to purple sage used in Thomas Arundell's honey business
59 Hinckley's Artists' Barn and grounds, including pepper tree 416 Bard St. Fillmore 7/80 Barn converted to residence and studio in 1936, featured in Life magazine in 1936; 10-inch square areas painted on one wall by visiting artists; 100-year-old pepper tree is part of the designation
60 Church of Christ Scientist 461 Third St. Fillmore 7/80 English Tudor style stucco church built in 1929 with winding flagstone path; designed by architect H. Roy Kelley
61 Odd Fellows' Town Clock 868 E. Main St. Santa Paula 7/80 Four-faced Seth Thomas clock above the lodge's hall installed in 1905[29]
62 County Fire Station No. 21 (former) Ojai
63 Goebel's Lion Farm Site Jungleland landmark thousand oaks civic arts plaza.jpg Thousand Oaks
64 Hunt Olive Tree Thousand Oaks
65 Glen Tavern Inn Glen Tavern Inn 2014 06.JPG 134 N. Mill St. Santa Paula 7/81 Craftsman/English Tudor hotel built c. 1910; designed by Hunt & Burns; also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984[30]
66 Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church Simi Valley
67 Simi Valley Community Methodist Church (former) Simi Valley
68 Brandeis/Bardin Institute, Main House Simi Valley
69 The Mill 926 Railroad Ave. Santa Paula 9/82 Built c. 1890, now occupied by the Ventura County Agricultural Museum
70 First Church of Christ Scientist 731 South A St. Oxnard 3/82 Mission Revival church built 1906-08; moved to Heritage Square in 1989 and remodeled as a town hall facility
71 Patterson Ranch Buildings Simi Valley
72 High Street Pepper Trees Moorpark
73 Murphy House 205 South F St. Oxnard 4/91 California style bungalow built in 1911
74 Henry Levy House 155 South G St. Oxnard 12/82 Craftsman house with English Tudor details built in 1914
75 Achille Levy House 201 South D St. Oxnard 12/82 Shingle style house with Craftsman influences built in 1912
76 Ebell Club of Santa Paula Santa Paula Theater Center 2014 02.JPG 125 South Seventh St. Santa Paula 9/82 Craftsman mansion built in 1917 as a women's club, now operated as the Santa Paula Theater Center[31]
77 Charles Collins Teague House (1900) 805 Santa Paula St. Santa Paula 9/82 Colonial Revival house built in 1900; designed by Greene and Greene[32]
78 Underwood House 715 E. Santa Paula St. Santa Paula 9/82 Queen Anne style house built in the mid-1890s[33]
79 Moreton Bay Fig Tree Corner of Tenth and Santa Barbara Streets Santa Paula 9/82 Tree planted in 1879[34]
80 Rice House 928-930 Yale St. Santa Paula 9/82 Queen Anne style cottage with Eastlake detail built in 1880s[35]
81 First Christian Church 829 Railroad Ave. Santa Paula 9/82 Carpenter Gothic style church built in 1900 with a square bell tower and high-pitched pyramidal roof[36]
82 Balcom House 933 Pleasant St. Santa Paula 9/82 Italianate style house built in 1885; gutted by a fire in the 1950s[37]
83 Baker House 525 East Main St. Santa Paula 9/82 Queen Anne style house built in 1890 with French Mansard tower[38]
84 Anna M. Logan House 123 North Mill St. Santa Paula 9/82 Eastlake style house built c. 1888-1890[39]
85 Somis Thursday Clubhouse 5380 Bell St. Somis 7/91 One-room schoolhouse built in 1895; sold to a social club in 1924 and substantially remodeled in 1939 and after
86 Gerberding/Moranda House Port Hueneme
87 Farrell House Port Hueneme
88 Richard Bard House Port Hueneme
89 Chumash Park "Indian Hills" Simi Valley
90 Oakbrook County Park Archaeological Area Thousand Oaks
91 Chumash Village of Shimiji Simi Valley
92 Ramelli/Willett House 51 Sulphur Mountain Rd. Oak View 7/83 Mediterranean style 26-room house built in 1926, designed by Roy Wilson
93 Wood Ranch Barns Simi Valley
94 Lathrop Camp Ojai 7/84
95 Pratt House 1330 North Foothill Road Ojai 11/85 Craftsman bungalow built in 1909, designed by Greene and Greene, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002
96 Dent Ranch House Ojai
97 Santa Paula Union High School 404 North Sixth St. Santa Paula 1/86 Spanish Colonial school built in 1936 by Works Progress Administration[40]
98 Wiltfong House Port Hueneme
99 Dos Vientos Ranch Buildings Newbury Park
100 Justin Petit Ranch House 730 S B St. Oxnard 4/86 Queen Anne Victorian-style house built in 1896; relocated to Heritage Square
101 Piru Train Bridge Piru
102 Sacred Heart Mission Church Darling Rd., east of Wells Rd. Saticoy 6/86 Burned down in August 2005
103 Whale Rock Ranch House Ojai
104 Stagecoach Road Simi Valley
105 Freight Road Simi Valley
106 Mount McCoy and Cross Mt-Mount-McCoy-Simi-Valley.jpg Simi Valley
107 Montgomery House Simi Valley
108 King/Harris House 1420 Grimes Canyon Rd. Fillmore 10/86 Two-story white frame house built in 1910; later used as the Conejo Recreation and Parks District sports office
109 Crowley House Thousand Oaks
110 Five Trees Ventura
111 McKevett School (North Grammar School) 955 E. Pleasant St. Santa Paula 5/87 Mission Revival style school built in 1910 with each classroom opening onto a veranda and courtyard[41]
112 Edwin Janss Sr. House Thousand Oaks
113 Charles L. and Nellie Sheldon House 701 East Santa Paula St. Santa Paula 9/87 Neo-Classic Row House built in 1900
114 James M. Sharp House 11840 Telegraph Rd. Santa Paula 11/87 Italianate style house built in 1890[42]
115 Hueneme Elementary School Port Hueneme
116 Whiteside House and Barn Thousand Oaks
117 Saticoy Walnut Growers Association Warehouse 1235-1255 East Wells Rd. Saticoy 6/88 Warehouse built in 1917 for drying and shipping
118 Saticoy Bean Warehouse 10995 Azahar St. Saticoy 6/88 Warehouse built in 1917 for lima bean growers
119 Farmers & Merchants Bank of Santa Paula - Saticoy Branch 1203 Los Angeles Ave. Saticoy 6/88 Neo-classical bank built in 1911
120 Lake Eleanor Dam Thousand Oaks
121 Foster Park Bowl FPB Picture.jpg 438 Casitas Vista Road Ventura Outdoor theater located in Foster Park
122 Palm Trees along Chambersburg Road Bardsdale
123 Sanitary Dairy/Clifford Hardison House 1680-1686 Old Telegraph Rd. Fillmore 2/89
124 Piru Hotel Piru
125 Lechler House/Museum Piru
126 Stutsman/Hall Ranch Ojai 9/89
127 Pioneer Section of Simi Valley Public Cemetery Simi Valley 1/90
128 Fulkerson Hardware Store Fulkerson Hardware.jpg 3403 Somis Rd. Somis 7/91 Stucco structure built in 1925
129 Masonic Temple Building Site 402 Central Ave. Fillmore 6/90
130 Farmers & Merchants Bank 364 Central Ave. Fillmore 4/90
131 Sespe School 627 Sespe Ave. Fillmore 4/90
132 Familia Diaz Cafe 249 S. Tenth St.
34°21′03″N 119°03′30″W / 34.350914°N 119.058253°W / 34.350914; -119.058253 (Familia Diaz Cafe)
Santa Paula 10/90 Operated as a family since 1936; built in 1919, rebuilt 1928, remodeled 1980[43]
133 Somis School 5268 North St. Somis 7/91 Schoolhouse built in 1924
134 Coast Live Oak Tree Simi Valley
135 Spalding house, guest house, stone wall 3095 West Telegraph Rd. Fillmore 5/92
136 Elephant Rock Simi Valley
137 Palm Trees along Alamo Street Simi Valley
138 Sycamore Tree along Wood Ranch Parkway Simi Valley
139 Simi Elementary School and Bungalows Simi Valley
140 Scott/Cameron House and Aged Olive Tree Simi Valley
141 Ventura County Railway 250 East Fifth St. Oxnard 2/92 13-mile railroad built in 1905
142 Barbara Webster School 1150 Saticoy St.
34°21′35″N 119°03′34″W / 34.359697°N 119.059562°W / 34.359697; -119.059562 (Barbara Webster School)
Santa Paula 2/92 Built in 1925 to serve the educational needs of the children of Mexican itinerant citrus and walnut workers
143 Olive Mann Isbell School 221 South Fourth St.
34°20′57″N 119°03′58″W / 34.349176°N 119.066084°W / 34.349176; -119.066084 (Olive Mann Isbell School)
Santa Paula 2/92 Built in 1926; designed by Roy C. Wilson
144 Scarlett/McGrath Ranch House 5011 West Gonzales Rd. Oxnard 9/92 Queen Anne/Eastlake residence built in 1889
145 Perkins/Claberg House 721 South A St. Oxnard 6/92 Queen Anne and Stick style house built in 1887; relocated in 1989 to Heritage Square
146 Wineman/Lehmann/Miller House 101 South D St. Oxnard 10/93 Colonial Revival and California Bungalow styles, built in 1903
147 Staire/Matsuda House 235 South D St. Oxnard 10/93 House with Craftsman influences built in 1911
148 Palm Trees along "C" Street C Street between Magnolia and Wooley Oxnard 10/93 Mexican Fan Palm Trees planted in 1903
149 Japanese Nisei Methodist Episcopal Church 630 South A St. Oxnard 10/93 Church built in 1908 for Japanese farm workers
150 Corriganville Corriganville park old foundations.jpg 1601 Kuehner Dr. Simi Valley 8/95 Movie ranch opened in 1937; opened to public in 1949 as a western-themed amusement park; became known as Hopetown after Bob Hope purchased it in 1965; closed in 1966 and damaged by fire in 1967; it is now a park operated by the City of Simi Valley
151 Fillmore Sign Northeast corner Highway 126 (Ventura St.) and Central Ave. Fillmore 9/94 Lozenge-shaped, Streamline Moderne style sign installed in 1940 with "Fillmore" in 12-inch white neon letters; a neon arrow points to downtown
152 Rancho Camulos Rancho Camulos visitor center.jpg 5164 E. Telegraph Rd. Piru 11/95 Ranch used by Helen Hunt Jackson as a setting for her 1884 novel Ramona
153 Bard/Prescott House Port Hueneme 12/95
154 First Church in Piru/Sullivan House Piru 12/95
155 Briggs School 14438 W. Telegraph Rd.
34°17′53″N 119°09′21″W / 34.298166°N 119.155847°W / 34.298166; -119.155847 (Briggs School)
Santa Paula 3/94 Mediterranean school with an Italian influence and central courtyard built in 1925[44]
156 Arts and Science Buildings, Fillmore Senior High School 555 Central Ave. Fillmore 9/94 Two Mediterranean style buildings, built 1937-38 with Moorish arched entrances and Churriqueresque relief; designed by architects John C. Austin and Frederick M. Ashley
157 Sespe Bunkhouse 2896 Telegraph Rd.
34°19′05″N 119°07′20″W / 34.318165°N 119.122313°W / 34.318165; -119.122313 (Sespe Bunkhouse)
Santa Paula 2/24/98 Built in 1910 or 1911, it housed unmarried white workers on a citrus ranch from the 1920s to 1940s
158 Swift Residence and Lying-In Hospital 838-840 West Fifth St. Oxnard House built about 1926 for Dr. Floyd J. Swift and a small office/hospital built in 1928
159 People's Lumber Company Building 216 N. 8th St. Santa Paula Neoclassical masonry building built c. 1890
160 Knolls Rock Simi Valley 7/26/99
161 Henry T. Oxnard Historic District House at F and 5th, Oxnard.jpg Oxnard 9/14/99 Subdivision created in 1911 recognized in 1999 as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places; bounded by Fifth Street, Magnolia Avenue, the alley between E and F Streets to the east, and the alley between G and H Streets to the west.
162 Fillmore Ebell Club 407 Second St. Fillmore 11/13/01 Women's club and cultural center built in the 1930s
163 Rose/McGrath Ranch 228 Loma Dr. Camarillo 6/10/02
164 Selby/Roberts Residence and Site 11795 Santa Ana Rd. Lake Casitas 2/28/05
165 Gottfried Maulhardt/Albert Pfeiler Farm Site Northwest corner of Pinata/Cesar Chavez Drives Oxnard 3/31/04
166 Timber School House and Auditorium 1872 Newbury Rd. Newbury Park 7/13/04 Mission style two-room school built c. 1924 (with addition from 1955) and auditorium structure built in 1948; designed by architect Roy C. Wilson
167 Edward Tobin Residence and Site 4440 Grand Ave. Ojai 10/27/08 Craftsman bungalow moved to its present location in 2005
168 School Street Historic District Simi Valley Designation revoked
169 William Ford Residence 1015 Amber Lane Ojai 10/25/10 Spanish Colonial Revival house built in 1929 with a Mexican hacienda layout; designed by the noted African-American architect Paul Williams
170 Acacia Mansion 205 S. Lomita Ave. Ojai 11/8/10 Spanish Colonial Revival house built in 1929 with Moorish influence; Uno John Palo Kangas, who sculpted the Ventura Father Serra statue, was hired to do much of the work
171 Bon Ton Court 531 South F St. Oxnard 12/7/10 Spanish Revival bungalow court apartment complex built in 1926 to provide housing for working class residents
172 Ventura County Agricultural Buildings 815 and 845 East Santa Barbara St.
34°21′32″N 119°03′53″W / 34.358999°N 119.064584°W / 34.358999; -119.064584 (Ventura County Agricultural Buildings)
Santa Paula 5/14/12 Spanish Revival office and garage buildings constructed in 1929; also a fumigation plant built 1938-39 in utilitarian industrial style with Streamline Moderne venting
173 McColm Manor Apartments 534-542 South F St. Oxnard 12/8/14 12-unit courtyard apartment complex built in 1950
174 Preston-Butler Residence 1190 El Toro Rd. Ojai 8/25/14 Two-story Spanish Revival house built in 1926
175 J.A. Swartz Residence 636 West Fifth St. Oxnard 2/23/16 Spanish Colonial Revival house built 1929-30

Ventura County Points of Interest[edit]

POI No. Name Image Address City Date listed Description
1 Corriganville 1601 Kuehner Dr. Simi Valley 1/82 Redesignated in 1995 as VCHL No. 150 (see description above)
2 Butterfield Stage Route Santa Rosa Valley 1/82 Route used by the Butterfield Overland Mail in California to deliver mail between San Francisco and Los Angeles; the designation covers the portion of the route running from west of the Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School (13282 Santa Rosa Rd, Camarillo) over the hills to the intersection of Moorpark and Olsen Roads in Thousand Oaks; the Norwegian Grade was later built between 1900 and 1911
3 Oxnard Pest Control Insectary Site Eastern half of block bounded by Scott St., Fifth St., Port Hueneme Rd., and Fourth St. (Ventura Rd.) Port Hueneme 6/85 Buildings originally used to house season workers of a tomato cannery, moved to Fifth St. after WWI and used to breed the Australian ladybug, a natural predator of the mealybug then threatening the county's citrus orchards
4 Santa Rosa School (original site and school bell) 13282 Santa Rosa Rd. Camarillo 2/87 School built in 1912 by Norwegian Colony farmers
5 Hueneme Grammar School (original site) 344 North Third St. Port Hueneme 1/88 School built in 1885 by Norwegian Colony farmers
6 Saticoy Springs and Chumash Indian Village Sa'aqtik'oy Site Bounded by Saticoy Ave., Telephone Rd., Wells Rd, and railroad tracks Saticoy 5/88 Site of a Chumash settlement dating to 5,500 B.C.; ceremonial gathering at the site in 1869 drew Chumash leaders from the region
7 Simi School/Simi Library/Ortega Saloon Sites 1958 Third St., 137 Strathearn Place Simi Valley 1/89 School built on Third Street in 1890, torn down in 1926; library built in 1930 and moved to the Strathearn Historical Park in 1971
8 Santa Clara Chapel Original Site 301 Esplanade Dr. Oxnard 11/89 Moved in 1954 to 1333 East Ventura Boulevard, El Rio; original site later became a Sears store
9 Cesar Chavez Childhood Home Site 452 North Garfield Oxnard 10/93 The Chavez family lived in a shed or small barn in the rear of the property in 1939[45][46]
10 Colonial House Restaurant 701-747 North Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard 12/13 Restaurant on this site was the most popular restaurant in Ventura County in post-WWII era, frequently visited by movie stars, including Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, and Clark Gable; demolished in 1988 but brick fireplace remains Oxnard Boulevard
11 Former Fillmore Refinery 67 E. Telegraph Rd. Fillmore 12/15 Ventura Refinery built on the site in 1915, later known as the Fillmore Works; operations ended in 2002 and were followed by remediation of soil and groundwater contamination

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