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WBA Asia
SportProfessional boxing
  • WBA (2017–present)
  • WBC (2014–2016)
HeadquartersSeoul, South Korea
PresidentAlan Kim
Official website

WBA Asia (formerly known as Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council, also known as EPBC) is an organisation for professional boxing in the Central Asia, Oceania, Pan Pacific, Eurasia and Southeast and Far East nations. It was formed in 2014 and is headquartered in Seoul[1]


WBC affiliation[edit]

In 2016, WBC released an open letter, stating the following:[2]

"Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council is not a WBC Federation. It is only a committee affiliated with the WBC, ..."

"Any request for a new federation or commission to affiliate to the WBC is a matter that must be addressed by the WBC Board of Governors in the annual conventions of the WBC."

This open letter came about due to MBC claimed that they have secured affiliation with WBC.[3] However WBC shot the affiliation down and stated that MBC only has affiliation with EPBC and not WBC.[4]

In February 2017, EPBC announced that they will be leaving the WBC to join WBA.[5]

WBA affiliation[edit]

In February 2017, WBA Asia was accepted by WBA president Gilberto Jesús Mendoza.[6] The final was on March 25 with Pavel Malikov won over Mirzhan Zhaksylykov for the WBA ASIA Lightweight title match.[7] This was created alongside WBA Oceania title to replace the Pan Asian Boxing Association title which left and created their own sanctioning body called the World Boxing Society.

WBA Asia champions[edit]

Weight Class Asia Champion Asia East Champion Asia South Champion Asia Female Champion
Heavyweight Apti Davtaev Vacant Eric Pen[8] Vacant
Cruiserweight Ruslan Fayfer Issa Akberbayev Vacant Vacant
Light Heavyweight Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
Super Middleweight Andrey Sirotkin Vacant Vacant Vacant
Middleweight Magomed Madiev Vacant Vacant Vacant
Super Welterweight Vacant Trương Đình Hoàng Vacant Vacant
Welterweight Tewa Kiram Xing-Xin Yang Vacant Vacant
Super Lightweight Vacant Woo-Min Won Vacant Vacant
Lightweight Pavel Malikov Deiner Berrio Vacant Vacant
Super Featherweight Muhamad Ridhwan Mikhail Alexeev Vacant Vacant
Featherweight Valery Tretyakov Nam-Joon Lee James Mokoginta Vacant
Super Bantamweight Ruben Manakane Wulan Tuolehazi Vacant Vacant
Bantamweight Xinghua Wang Vacant Vacant Vacant
Super Flyweight Vacant Mikhail Aloyan Vacant Vacant
Flyweight Yutthana Kaensa Vacant Vacant Vacant
Light Flyweight Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
Minimumweight Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant


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