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A walrus is a large, flippered marine mammal.

"Walrus" may also refer to:


  • Barry White, who was popularly known as "The Walrus of Love"
  • Craig Stadler, professional PGA Tour golfer, popularly known as "the Walrus"
  • Jamie Hyneman, special effects artist and co-host of the television show Mythbusters who is nicknamed "walrus"
  • Paul Heyman, professional wrestling manager and promoter, humorously referred to as "the Walrus" because of his size and appearance.
  • Ken Hitchcock, NHL coach, affectionately referred to as "the Walrus"




  • Supermarine Walrus, a British amphibious aircraft of World War II
  • Westland Walrus, a British reconnaissance aircraft of the 1920s
  • Walrus HULA, a heavy-lift hybrid airship studied by the American Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA)





Other uses[edit]

  • Wally Walrus, a fictional, animated character who was the primary adversary of Woody Woodpecker between 1944 and 1953
  • The Walrus, a Canadian general interest magazine
  • Walrus (comics), a minor Marvel Comics supervillain of Spider-Man
  • Walrus, a storage service included with Eucalyptus that is interface compatible with Amazon's S3
  • The walrus moustache, a style of moustache that resembles the whiskers of the walrus

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