Wells–Bennett–Grant family

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The Wells–Bennett–Grant Family is the name of a U.S. political family. It is linked by marriage to the Cannon, Smith, and Udall families.


Daniel Hanmer Wells[edit]

Daniel H. Wells
  • Oct 27, 1814 - March 24, 1891
  • Mayor of Salt Lake City 1866-73
  • He married seven wives: Eliza Rebecca Robison; Louisa Free, former wife of John D. Lee; Martha Givens Harris; Lydia Ann Alley; Susan Hannah Alley, sister of Lydia; Hannah Corrilla Free, sister of Louisa; and Emmeline Blanche Woodward
  • Father of Heber Manning Wells (by Martha Givens Harris)
  • Father of Rulon Seymour Wells (by Louisa Free)
  • Father of Elizabeth Ann Wells (Cannon) (by Emmeline Woodward); Elizabeth married John Q. Cannon, son of George Q. Cannon
  • Father of Emily Harris Wells (by Martha Givens Harris); Emily married Heber J. Grant
  • Grandfather of Cavendish Wells Cannon
  • Great-grandfather of Robert Foster Bennett

Heber Manning Wells[edit]

Heber M. Wells
  • 11 Aug 1859 - 12 Mar 1938
  • Governor of Utah 1896-1905
  • Son of Daniel Hanmer Wells and Martha Givens Harris
  • Brother of Emily Harris Wells, who married Heber J. Grant
  • Half-brother of Elizabeth Ann Wells (Cannon)
  • Half-brother of Rulon Seymour Wells
  • Half-uncle of Cavendish Wells Cannon
  • Great-uncle of Robert Foster Bennett

Rulon Seymour Wells[edit]

Rulon S. Wells

7 Jul 1854 - 7 May 1941

  • Utah State Legislature 1901
  • Son of Daniel Hanmer Wells and Louisa Free
  • Half brother of Heber Manning Wells
  • Half brother of Elizabeth Ann Wells (Cannon)
  • Half brother of Emily Harris Wells who married Heber J. Grant
  • Half uncle of Cavendish Wells Cannon
  • Half great uncle of Robert Foster Bennett

Elizabeth Ann Wells (Cannon)[edit]

  • Usually called Annie Wells Cannon
  • 7 Dec 1859 - 2 Sep 1942
  • Utah State Legislature 1913-15, 1921
  • Daughter of Daniel Hanmer Wells and Emmeline Woodard
  • Mother of Cavendish Wells Cannon
  • Half-sister of Heber Manning Wells
  • Half-sister of Rulon Seymour Wells
  • Half-sister of Emily Harris Wells, who married Heber J. Grant
  • Half-great-aunt of Robert Foster Bennett
  • Married John Q. Cannon son of George Q. Cannon

Heber Jeddy Grant[edit]

Heber J. Grant
  • Usually Called Heber J. Grant
  • 22 Nov 1856 - 18 May 1945
  • Utah Territorial Legislature 1884
  • Son of Jedediah Morgan Grant and Rachel Ivins
  • Grandfather of Robert Foster Bennett
  • 3rd Cousin of Anthony Woodward Ivins
  • Married Emily Harris Wells, daughter of Daniel Hanmer Wells and Martha Givens Harris
  • President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1918-1945

Jedediah Morgan Grant[edit]

Jedediah M. Grant
Wallace F. Bennett
  • 21 Feb 1816 - 1 Dec 1856
  • Mayor of Salt Lake City 1851-56
  • Father of Heber J. Grant
  • Grandfather of Frances Grant Bennett, wife to Senator Wallace Foster Bennett
  • Brother of Caroline Amanda Grant and Roxie Ann Grant who both married William B. Smith

Wallace Foster Bennett[edit]

  • November 13, 1898 - December 19, 1993
  • U.S. Senator from Utah, 1951-75.
  • Father of Robert Foster Bennett
  • Married Frances Marion Grant, daughter of Heber J. Grant

Robert Foster Bennett[edit]

Robert F. Bennett
  • September 18, 1933 – May 4, 2016
  • U.S. Senator from Utah 1992-2011
  • Son of Wallace Foster Bennett
  • Grandson of Heber J. Grant
  • Great-grandson of Jedediah Morgan Grant
  • Great-grandson of Daniel Hanmer Wells
  • Great-nephew of Heber Manning Wells
  • Half-great-nephew of Elizabeth Ann Wells (Cannon)
  • Half-great-nephew of Rulon Seymour Wells
  • Half-cousin, once-removed, of Cavendish Wells Cannon