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Coordinates: 32°48′36″N 117°08′36″W / 32.81000°N 117.14333°W / 32.81000; -117.14333

Western Sierra Law School
School typePrivate
LocationSan Diego, CA, US
Bar pass rate25% (1/4) (February 2015 1st time takers)[1]
WebsiteWestern Sierra Law School

Western Sierra Law School (WSLS) is a private, independent, and non-sectarian postsecondary degree-granting institution located in San Diego, California.[2]

State Bar registration[edit]

The law school is registered with the California Committee of Bar Examiners[3] by the State Bar of California. Students at WSLS must take and pass the First-Year Law Students' Examination ("Baby Bar") after the first year of law study. Passing the "Baby Bar" means students are eligible to take more advanced law courses to achieve their J.D. degree.

Graduates of the school meet the legal education qualifications to take the California Bar Examination. When they pass the bar exam, they may be licensed to practice law in the State of California.

Bar pass rate[edit]

From January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2018, 35 graduates look the California Bar Examination, of which 12 passed, for a 34% cumulative five-year passage rate.[4] From 1997 through February 2011, 80 WSLS graduates have taken the California Bar Examination as first-time takers; of that number, 15 passed the examination for a pass rate of 19% as first time takers.[5] In July 2011, WSLS achieved a 33% passing rate for first-time takers of the California Bar Examination. In July 2014, no WSLS graduates passed the California Bar Examination, out of 15 takers.[6] As of February 2015, four WSLS graduates took the California Bar Examination; of that number, one passed the examination for a pass rate of 25%. Ten WSLS graduates repeated the February 2015 Bar examination; three passed the examination for a pass rate of 30%.


Western Sierra Law School is not approved by the American Bar Association.[7]


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