Westlands Solar Park

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Westlands Solar Park
CountryUnited States
LocationKings County, California
Coordinates36°10′N 119°56′W / 36.167°N 119.933°W / 36.167; -119.933Coordinates: 36°10′N 119°56′W / 36.167°N 119.933°W / 36.167; -119.933
Commission dateJune 2016
Solar farm
TypeFlat-panel PV
Site area21,000 acres (8,500 ha)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity2 MW
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The Westlands Solar Park is a planned, large-scale solar power project in Kings County south of Fresno, California. It intends to build many photovoltaic power plants with a capacity totaling upwards of 2,000 megawatts (MW),[1][2] larger than the world's largest photovoltaic power plants operating as of 2017. It will be constructed on brownfield land owned by the Westlands Water District that is unusable for agriculture due to excess salt pollution.[3][4]

Initial operation of a 2 MW demonstration project began in 2016, with the power sold to Anaheim Public Utilities.[5] Additional projects of 20 MW and 250 MW are in various stages of planning, as of 2017.[6] The developers plan to have 700 MW online by 2021,[7] with full build-out by 2025.[8] The real estate investment firm CIM Group joined the project in 2014.[9] In 2017, plans for the site were downsized from 2,400 MW to 2,000 MW and 24,000 acres (9,700 ha) to 21,000 acres (8,500 ha).[2] Construction began in 2020.[10]


Project Capacity Status Commission Date Power purchase agreements References
Westside Solar WSP PV1 2 MW Operational August 12, 2016 Anaheim Public Utilities [11][5]
Westside Solar WSP PV2 20 MW In Development [6]
Westlands Aquamarine 250 MW In Development [6]
Westlands Chestnut 150 MW In Development [12]
Westlands Solar Blue 250 MW In Development [12]
RE Slate 300 MW In Development January 2021 (planned) SVCE, MBCP [12]
RE Slate ESS 300 MW In Development January 2021 (planned) SVCE, MBCP [12]

Electricity production[edit]

Generation (MW·h) of Westside Solar Power PV1 [13][14]
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2016 3,707

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